Why was Rep. Anna Eshoo not in favor of the impeachment?

Did you know Rep. Anna Eshoo was not in favor of calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump and did not come on board until late September 2019, when Speaker Pelosi moved forward with impeachment proceedings - scroll down to see press coverage. Rishi Kumar, candidate for United States Congress CA-18, had been in favor of the impeachment along with 135 congressional members for months prior.

We need independent elected leaders who have the backbone and moral compass to make vital decisions of national importance, rather than looking at the establishment to make their decision. Rishi’s track record on the Saratoga city council is that of an independent thinker, willing to challenge the system and take on tough challenges to protect the people. Rishi successfully challenged the powerful San Jose Water Company to prevent 7 water hikes, something that had never been attempted before, and reduced burglaries by 41%, the largest drop compared to any other Silicon Valley city. The people of Saratoga re-elected Rishi with the most votes in city history.

**Resident Mark Scott Varner's statement from August: Anna Eshoo is not serving the people of her constituency. She talks about Moffett Field when the planet is on fire and the leadership of the United States has reached a new level of corruption. She will not stand with the majority of Congressional Democrats to support impeachment. No leadership! I am disappointed by her focus on urgent issues. She refuses to join the majority of other congress people about impeachment

**Resident Phoebe Klemz' statement from August: "I'm not voting for you again (Anna). I searched each week for months to see if you had finally added your name on to impeach Trump. Every time I checked I was disappointed. You don't get to ride the fence, trying not to anger rich republicans, but not taking a stand for what you know is right. I suppose your name is signed on by now but I'm over checking it. I'm done. You didn't take a stand when it was the hard thing to do, I don't care if you've done it now, when it's easy to do. When you are looking at evil you need to face it and take a stand. You didn't. I hope a democrat runs against you, one that I can respect

Resident of San Jose, Kim Riccitiello’s statement: I'm in Eshoo's district and would love to have a true progressive unseat her. She was one of the House Dems who didn't support opening an impeachment inquiry on Trump for the longest time. I asked her about her position many times, and didn't once receive anything resembling an acceptable answer. We need more like Ro Khanna and less like Anna Eshoo.

Resident of Boulder Creek, Kat Kelley’s statement: I just voted for you tonight Rishi...i have even received personal letters from anna eshoo over the past years but it 's always the same old same old...."well, Kathleen. she says. it's a long process~" and other such pacifying phrases especially when i ask about annulling the trump administration....and quite frankly we are running out of time ...so either speed up the process or step aside and let someone else take a shot....i'm tired of her dragging her feet every year!....

  • From this Mountain View Voice coverage:
    "A question from a Mountain View resident about her stance on impeachment launched a lively exchange between Eshoo and the audience. Eshoo said that she hasn’t called for impeaching the president yet despite her “strong emotions about Donald Trump."
    Hecklers from the audience responded: “Why not?” Eshoo, engaging with the crowd, asked who had actually read the Mueller report, and roughly 30 people raised their hands.
    Eshoo explained her “measured” approach to impeachment proceedings.
    "Our country and our democracy is practically under siege at this point, but my emotions cannot take me for a ride to impeachment," Eshoo said, to applause.
  • From this Los Altos Crier coverage:
    Still, the veteran representative, addressing a half-full Smithwick Theatre, was challenged by some of her less moderate constituents. Audience members, often talking out of turn and blurting out statements, questioned Eshoo’s decision not to add her signature to a list of 135 colleagues calling for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.
    "I'm for the investigation," she asserted. "People say, 'Sign a petition.' No. I use my words. I never opposed an investigation. We do not yet have the underlying documents from the Mueller Report. They provide evidence – that’s why we have to have an investigation. … Of course, I support that. I don’t need to be No. 1 or No. 136."