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Rishi Kumar Will Stand up For Our Seniors

Being a good leader is about tackling tough issues and being willing to lock horns with the rich and powerful to protect the people, especially the most vulnerable. Rishi Kumar has a track record of doing just that, and that is why he will be a good congressional representative. He stepped up seven times to successfully protect the people of Silicon Valley against rampant attempted rate increases by the San Jose Water Company.

During Rishi's time on the Saratoga City Council, he helped create an age-friendly city designation for Saratoga. This included implementing a Senior Center program that included adult care and senior transportation as well as health and wellness screenings. Thanks to Rishi’s efforts, Saratoga's West Valley Community College has become the first community college in the United States to be certified Age Friendly.

Rishi led "Saratoga's got Talent'' for many years. This fun community event created a close synergy between the youth and the seniors of Saratoga, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the financially strapped Senior Center.

Your support for Rishi for US Congress will make it possible for him to improve healthcare nationally for our Senior Citizens, controlling costs and expanding coverage. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has not fought for us--she is the #1 recipient of Pharma money in the United States Congress and her voting record reflects that. Rishi Kumar has pledged never to accept PAC or special interest group money. He will vote for our interests, not special interests. Read the difference between Anna and Rishi here.

As your next Congressman, Rishi's plan to make quality healthcare accessible to all Senior Citizens includes the following:

  • Expand primary care services for seniors such as cancer screenings to improve health outcomes.
  • Build a secure national Electronic Medical Record system to flag harmful drug interactions and show predictive treatment outcomes.
  • Cut drug prices by allowing generic drugs to be brought to market faster.
  • Require that pharmaceutical companies employ fair market practices.
  • Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices to deliver monthly savings on prescriptions.
  • Improve Medicare’s transparency over fraud and improper payments.
  • Implement high-tech solutions to flag illegal transactions that exploit medicare recipients.
  • Make it easier for seniors to understand about their eligibility for public health insurance benefits and tax subsidies.

A voice for our citizens.
Rishi’s plan for seniors includes expanding programs that will protect our seniors, increasing their quality of life and happiness index. He will fight to prevent ageism in the workforce and promote ruthless penalties for fraud committed against seniors.

Accessible to the people of the community.
Rishi believes in listening to his constituents. He is already hosting at least three town hall meetings and round table discussions in our congressional district every month.

It’s time we had someone in Congress working for us.
If you are a senior or have a senior that you care about, please help us stand up for the rights of senior citizens everywhere.

Vote Rishi Kumar for Congress, CA District 18.