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Rishi Kumar Favors Term Limits

Did you know that Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is in her 28th year in office? Anna was elected before The Internet Age. Yes, a lifetime! Since then, there have been incredible transformations that have happened right here in the Valley.

The fact today is that many of our elected officials are career politicians, who have grown out of touch with the current times and the lives of their constituents. Their desire to serve the people has morphed into the Washington cesspool of abetting special interest groups, a comfort with the status quo, a lucrative paycheck, and a missing sense of urgency or a “getting things done” fire in the belly.

California mandated term limits in both houses that allow for California’s Assemblymembers and State Senators to gain experience through time; but not stay long enough to stagnate or build fiefdoms. We should do the same in the United States Congress. Several Washington lawmakers have rejuvenated the idea of congressional term limits on Capitol Hill with a Constitutional amendment to limit the number of times a legislator can run for re-election to the same office. I support that.

We need energetic leaders who can tackle the problems Americans face today with visionary leadership. We need regular Americans with current, real world experience. People who care about our communities, not just about their own security. I favor Term Limits as it will provide accountability, alleviate corruption by ensuring political turnover, make sure the leadership is still in touch with the real needs of the district and bring new leadership, new energy, fresh ideas.

Here is a contrast of vision between two Democrats, Rishi Kumar and Rep. Anna Eshoo. I am the only Democrat in this race to reject PAC and Special Interest Group campaign contributions.

Isn't it time someone brought a new vision, a new way?