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Gun Reform

Rishi wants to stop the meaningless deaths

It's not mental illness or broken families - America has a huge problem and it's senseless deaths, little children dying and it's shattering communities nationwide. And it is like Groundhog Day!

Thoughts and prayers aren't enough, they never were. It's time to take action and pass commonsense gun reform, NOW!

With overall rates of violence increasing across the country, increased measures must be taken. There are more firearms than citizens of the United States. Nearly every European country and ally of the US has both lower rates of gun violence and stricter laws. It is essential to the safety of our country.

The second amendment was put into place on the concept of protecting one’s home and property, but it is having the opposite effect. It is putting our citizens, especially the most vulnerable, in harm’s way.

We need a way out of this madness. It is time we stopped the sale of assault weapons in the United States.

Anna Eshoo has proposed nothing in more than a decade - she thinks loud tv noise is more important than gun deaths.

It is a bipartisan effort - we should come together as elected leaders to decrease the violence at home.