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Over 30 million people in America do not have adequate access to health insurance. And for the rest who do, it is often inadequate and expensive.

Healthcare costs have become a significant burden for our working families and are one of the primary causes of U.S. bankruptcies. It is time we explored better, cheaper healthcare options for the American people.

As your Congressman, I will push for healthcare reform. I will fight back against burgeoning healthcare costs and rising drug prices. Many countries of the world have a high quality single payer system; America can too.

I support Medicare for All (H.R 1384), which would guarantee affordable healthcare to everyone in this country, and the Bring Drug Prices Down Act (H.R 1046), which allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Big Pharma and health lobbyists have penetrated their way into our government. I have taken the pledge to not receive special interest money or PAC money, including health insurance and pharmaceutical money.

Here are 6 things we can do to reduce the cost of healthcare now:

With bold leadership and determination we CAN solve our healthcare challenges.