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Rep. Anna Eshoo

  • Holding Us Back Democrat Elected to Congress in 1992 - has spent 44 years in political office.
  • Failed To Lead And Legislate Sponsored only 4 trivial bills, but claimed 45
    Failed to legislate on Climate, Healthcare, Pandemic Preparedness, Big Tech, Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Civil Liberties, Women's Rights, and America's Opioid Crisis
  • Sold Out - A Failed Seniority In Washington #1 Recipient of Pharma money and legislated to increase drug prices, while chairing the House Health Subcommittee

Rishi Kumar

  • Leading Us Forward Democrat A tech executive, reelected with the most votes in 64 years of Saratoga's election history.
  • Always Innovating, Delivering Results Successfully applying the hi-tech framework to finding real solutions and getting-things-done
    Pushed back 9 San Jose Water Company's rate increases benefiting a million residents
  • Unbought and Uncorrupted Wants to repeal Citizens United. Will always reject campaign contributions from PACs and Special Interest Groups

Four years ago, I stood with Stanford professor Michele Dauber, community leaders and activists to spotlight Judge Aaron Persky’s miscarriage of justice in the Brock Turner case. Judge Persky’s decision to issue a mere six month sentence for a violent sexual assault brought into clear focus a disturbing pattern across our country.

While our current Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo came out against the recall and supported Judge Aaron Persky, I chose to stand with the residents of our district for our values and for the culture we seek to promote in our neighborhoods.

We consider rape a serious crime. We believe in justice irrespective of privilege and power. We wish to send a clear message to all men and women that victims of sexual assault will not be forgotten, and that justice will be served on those who have done wrong.

Anna Eshoo’s decision to side with power is yet another example of her values. Time and time again, Anna has been unable to stand up on critical issues such as increasing crime, healthcare, the rising cost of living, traffic congestion, and homelessness. Where is the vision?

Anna has proven that her loyalties lie with the special interests and not with ordinary citizens. "Rep. Anna Eshoo, House Health Subcommittee Chair, has taken more pharmaceutical money than any other representative. She has sponsored legislation backed by the pharmaceutical interests funding her campaigns.”-- Donald Shaw, Money-in-politics reporter, co-founder of Sludge Magazine.

"A scathing report by the Federal Trade Commission warned that the Eshoo legislation would ensure sky-high drug prices and stifle innovation on the most promising frontier of medical research."-- The San Francisco Chronicle

As your next congressman, I will work for you, not for special interests. I have pledged to reject PAC money and Special Interest Group campaign money. And when it comes to crime, I will continue to work tirelessly for safe communities, victim’s rights, and equal justice for all.

Help me take this fight to Washington. I respectfully request your vote.