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Eshoo controls the hearings on the healthcare insurance bills, including Medicare for All. She participates in writing legislation that affects health insurers and Big Pharma. And she votes on that legislation. Yet she accepts large donations from those industry sectors and doesn't seem to see this practice as a conflict of interest. But it is her position as chair of the House Health Subcommittee that is most troubling. In that position, she can kill a bill or withhold a bill until there are amendments that could cripple it it's not to the liking of her benefactors, or pass it if is health industry friendly. She sees none of this as a conflict. Rishi gets my vote. Jim Somers, Redwood City
I just voted for you tonight Rishi...i have even received personal letters from anna Eshoo over the past years but it 's always the same old same old...."well, Kathleen. she says. it's a long process~" and other such pacifying phrases especially when i ask about annulling the trump administration....and quite frankly we are running out of time ...so either speed up the process or step aside and let someone else take a shot....i'm tired of her dragging her feet every year!.... Kat Kelley, Boulder Creek
Thank you Anna for taking bribes from big pharma and actively trying to block Medicare for all! That’s exactly what the 70% of citizens who support Medicare for all want! 🙄 Can’t wait to vote Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020 as he’s someone who isn’t bought out and taking super pac donations, and actually supports the issues most Americans, and Democrats, actually want to see implemented. Brian Frink
Now, all of a sudden that there's a credible primary Challenger I'm getting emails and invites to Town Halls (from Rep. Eshoo). Never got those before. Voting for Rishi. Kurt Cocking
I'm in Eshoo's district and would love to have a true progressive unseat her.
She was one of the House Dems who didn't support opening an impeachment inquiry on Trump for the longest time. I asked her about her position many times, and didn't once receive anything resembling an acceptable answer.
We need more like Ro Khanna and less like Anna Eshoo.
Kim Riccitiello, San Jose
The political elites are always doing what keeps the in power, regardless of what it means for us, term limits is the answer the longer they are in office the worse it gets Priscilla Stuart
I've contacted Eshoo's office numerous times and have never been acknowledged. Nick Goddard
Vote her out! Too long!!! Yolanda Padilla
Anyone but @AnnaEshoo Douglas Marshall
My eye doctor was trying to talk to Anna, and she was only interested in what the polls say, not her constituents. Dave Ray
I once wrote to her [Anna] because she "represents" me, about bioidentical hormones. She dismissed me by saying that she is with Big Pharma, and they don't like that. She’s their pawn but here keep voting for her. K.D. Marley
TERM LIMITS YESTERDAY Shawn Cooley, Redwood City
We know Ms.Eshoo on scripts is not going to work ,I many others do not support this. Rachel Silvas Dewston
Eshoo is horribly unresponsive to multiple constituent issues over decades. Joseph Ols
Because Anna Eshoo is being paid off to not support progressive policy. Frink, Brian Michael, San Jose
Have have endorsed Rishi and I believe he would be the best Michael Oliver, Saratoga
No more life reps Patrick Roaseau
Vote Anna Eshoo out! Corporatist! Hector S. Cordero Sosa
So glad that there is finally a progressive challenger going up against Eshoo. Best of luck. I'll spread the word.
Anna Eshoo has never been for the people. She is a bought and paid for pharma official. Check out her campaign contributions. Laura Galvan
Here's data from opensecrets.org. This data is only for the current period. Over the course of her time in office, she has received more than $7 million from health insurers and Big Pharma. Abraham Lin
It’s about time Anna had a progressive challenger Teri Bawdon
Love to see you going after Eshoo on the mountains of money she's taken from Big Pharma and the health care industry. I think you should hit her hard on the fact that she's the chair of the health committee and takes lots of money from the industries affected by the actions of her committee. She participates in writing legislation affecting them, and she votes on that legislation. This is a BLATANT conflict of interest that should be publicized broadly. Jim Somers
She sold her soul for attention and greed! Let's AUDIT her! Tina Griffin
Anna Eshoo is not serving the people of her constituency. She talks about Moffett Field when the planet is on fire and the leadership of the United States has reached a new level of corruption. She will not stand with the majority of Congressional Democrats to support impeachment. No leadership! I am disappointed by her focus on urgent issues. She refuses to join the majority of other congress people about impeachment. Mark Scott Varner
You have my support! We need Anna out. I want somebody who’s not bought and paid for by big Pharma. Jan Hagge, Portola Valley
Times up for Anna needs new blood that will not be bought by big Pharmaceuticals giants. Isaac Drauna
Anna has been there too long and it's time for her to go. And if he is running against Anna Eshoo, it's time to vote her out. She's been there too long. It's time to clean house. I was among those who voted for Ro Khanna when he ran against career politician Mike Honda and Khanna prevailed. It's time to get rid of Anna Eshoo once and for all, and to keep cleaning house. Robert Larson, Mountain View
A Congress member is elected to represent the people who elected him. If a Congress member opts to represent corporations as well then he or she would have to make a choice between representing them or representing the electors. There is no way (to) balance such a gymnastic stance.
When he or she is actually paid to break the contract he or she established with the electorates, he or she is betraying the electorates and should be dragged out of Congress!
Khaled Bizri
She needs to be removed. She had her run - way too long Mitch Michelon
So Anna is a republican in disguise taking money from big pharma is putting much burden on the common folks Evangeline P Sangalang
Anna Eshoo has not done much for her constituents Mark A Erickson
Please get rid of Establishment Stooges, we need People Power. Dan Getz P
Kind of hard to be on her side Donnell Fassler
Accepting money is akin to a bribe which should be illegal in Congress Tony Croft
Well she is on the take from the big drug companies Robert L. William
Maybe time for fresh eyes with less of a vested interest in the status quo. Eshoo has been very unhelpful with the air traffic noise problem, just to pick one example and I was pleased to see that Kumar addresses this among other salient quality-of-life issues Christian Crumlish
Lobbyists money.....or treasonous.....its still elected job .....blindly not doing the public job because of lobbyists money is jail time ..corruption.....once this corruption ends in jail time plus lost property taking a criminal bribe is against the law. Bob S Cortinas
What is she doing now present not past achievements if any. We all know they all take excessive amounts from the pharms. Vote all out bring in fresh blood. Joseph Atkinson
Are there any honest people in DC?? Seems they're all involved in some sort of oney grabbing and corruption! That's not what we sent them there to do! The political elites are always doing what keeps the in power, regardless of what it means for us, term limits is the answer the longer they are in office the worse it gets... Priscilla Stuart
In response to 'Don't do itl Anna Eshoo has been a very good representative...'
Corrupt but good :-)
Markus Wolf
I would have voted for Rishi in a heart beat if he wasn't running as a Democrat Peter Rangos
Second time I am very disappointed by Anna Eshoo. The first time, which I thought was a great betrayal was when she advocated on the side of Judge Persky. SHe will never get my vote again Hillary Sanders
I would love to see Anna Eshoo defeated. Finally! Aric Leavitt
Before voting for anyone...do your research yourself and look at their voting records. And if they're a CAREER POLITICIAN then vote them out Kelly Plunkett
Anna Eschoo has been our congresswoman since my daughter, who is 28, was a baby. I am for term limits on all of Congress. They all become too rich and powerful and are afraid to dissent from the party talking points or they won't get re-elected. It is time for a change... Candace Kelley
Shameful. Jessie Maring, Boulder Creek
This is why we have a broken down Electrical grid. It is because the politicians who are responsible and required to manage the monopolies take kick back bribes and turn their backs and now they want to condemn the vary companies when they get caught. Chris Parise, Campbell CA
How long has Eshoo been working for BIGPHARM instead of the people her district? Tony Cruz
This is why we have a broken down Electrical grid. It is because the politicians who are responsible and required to manage the monopolies take kick back bribes and turn their backs and now they want to condemn the vary companies when they get caught. Chris Parise
I'm so sorry about what's going on with Big Pharma and today's economy. Unfortunately this just even drives home (proves!) that Unfortunately our entire society is all about money and humans are seriously left to pick up the coins from the street! Teresa Brodeur Day
I've never liked Eshoo since she voted for NAFTA. Lenore Delgado
Very Disheartening (reading about Anna, Pharma money and legislation) Madeline Chappelle
Yes. Because Eshoo HAS TO GO Rachel Dick
It is like she hasn't heard of antitrust laws nor understands the reasoning for it #VoteHerOut John Hammink
I never liked Anna Eshoo Denie Albert, Palo Alto
I am do disappointed. This will definitely change my vote Madeline Chappelle
I was at a rally once that Anna Eshoo was speaking at in the mid 90's, where I felt she was talking down to the audience. I haven't forgotten that. Karen Busch
Not donations...Bribes Victor Madrigal, Redwood City CA
Bad business she is Jim Wilbanks, Campbell CA
She's bought and paid for . Vote her out. Rishi, you have my vote and you will be my next representative Mauricio Mejia
I will support any decent opposition to Pharma's Eshoo Harry Clark
Most have to be removed. Both sides are owned by Super PACS. Vote for Term Limits and Vote the chosen one and their chosen one out Linda Kennedy
Pharma is just another branch of corporations intent on hamfisting their piece of the pie.
Pharma Corporations need to be brought to heel. All of them. Balance must be restored between capitalism AND socialism.
Starting with
-patent price caps.
-No longer allowing a simple exchange of equal chemical components to produce a new patent. (Thereby pushing innovation for true new medications not regurgitated patents.)
- finally cutting price costs for administering medication that are needed for treatment
I'm over corpmerica
Jebadiah Ross
No she has NOT. She is a career bought and sold politician. Was a D for 25 years until 2016. I'll never give her my vote. She has no integrity, THAT is proven. ... everything that I can see from Rishi is that he's somebody we can believe in. Jan Hagge
Anna should be better than this Melinda Rosenaur
One way I recommend is first get rid of corrupt officials. ELect honest people Eagle Feather Fuentez
No way lady! My prescription drugs just doubled for 2020. You should retire! Time ("Term") limits for all of you. Age too! Arlie Inoyu
She works a hell of a lot harder for her donors than she does for you. Health insurers and Big Pharma L O V E her Jim Somers
Eshoo is useless, but I won't vote fro someone who's helped protect Laurie Smith from herself. Amazingly enough there are more issues than drug prices Kristina Hadfield
I'm so sorry about what's going on with Big Pharma and today's economy. Unfortunately this just even drives home (proves!) that Unfortunately our entire society is all about money and humans are seriously left to pick up the coins from the street! Teresa Brodeur Day
This is why we have a broken down Electrical grid. It is because the politicians who are responsible and required to manage the monopolies take kick back bribes and turn their backs and now they want to condemn the vary companies when they get caught. Chris Parise
We need a new face in Congress who will work with the cultural community that they serve and not ignore their needs and issues! Myrtle Walker
Time for big changes. The New Democratic Party 2020. Fair ideas, new vision for the future. Better Drug Prices Eagle Feather Fuentez
I will not Vote for Ms.Eshoo time for a change in Washington, she has been there too long without helping Us Rachel Silvas Dewstone
I'm tired of career politicians that don't care about the American people or the Constitution. Greg Lustig, San jose
Paid off? Mary Beth Holman
Despise her Evonne Accristo
Vote her out George Awad
Time to retire Ms. Eshoo Lynne Bonacci Calvarese , Menlo Park
THe people of the US need to get rid of all lobbyists Dale Hanley
Eshoo is horrible. C'mon Rishi, we need you bigtime Moe Whalen
Thank you now i know not to vote for her Gary Drefous
I did not know all of this about Rep. Anna Eshoo - guess I have not been paying enough attention. She has accepted more $$$ from big pharma than any other rep in Congress! Perhap it is time to vote for other rep in Congress Darshana Maya Greenfied, Menlo Park
She didnt fight to keep our district out of the new flight path ether. Rossi Dudrick
How long has Eshoo been working for BIGPHARM instead of the people her district? Tony Cruz
Thank you for exposing Eshoo’s connections with big pharma Leonor Delgado, Palo ALto
Second time I am very disappointed by Anna Eshoo. The first time, which I thought was a great betrayal, was when she advocated on the side of Judge Persky. She will never get my vote again. Hillary Sanders
Eshoo’s real political ‘sin’ is being a ‘voting slave’ of Speaker Nancy Pelosi such as voting to impeach President Trump. , Rishi Kumar I like your enthusiasm. After all you got Anna to match your small signs on Saratoga Avenue Former Congressman Ernie Konnyu
I disagree. Perski may be a good person but he certainly gave Turner who was convicted with 3 felony sexual assaults the lightest of sentence possible. 6 months in jails for 3 sexual assaults??? Do you think that is fair?

As to Anna Eshoo, I don't remember she made any contribution to our community besides being a powerful fund raiser for the Democrat Party and a stern follower of Pelosi.

Regardless of Perski, after some 27 years in Congress, Anna should really retire and let someone else who has more energy and ideas.
Greg Leung
I’m really shocked Thanks for sharing this info Linda Conroy, San Jose
Big NO on Anna Eshoo! Jonica Dow
I’m really shocked Thanks for sharing this info Linda Conroy, San Jose
Big NO on Anna Eshoo! Jonica Dow
ANNA ESHOO we don’t want you! The solder I support 100% Eddie Vandervoort
I am VERY disappointed in Eshoo receiving $$$ from PHARMA.I will NOT be voting for her😟😟😟😟😟😟😟 Madeline Chappelle
Thanks Anna for your support of High Speed Rail. I can't wait to spend $200 to travel to LA in only 4-5 hours. And it will only cost us $180 billion or so in taxpayer funding. I agree with Anna that HSR is much more important than schools or health care. Martin Mazner (NA)
Emy Thurber Are you saying that we have the healthcare system we need? I think it needs to be changed. If Anna was instrumental to this policy as you say, she also needs to be removed Lenny Pollak (NA)
I wouldn’t hold a long tenure against her but what has she accomplished? Nothing that I’m aware of. Lenny Pollak (NA)
After 28 years, Anna's gotta go. No career politicians! John Gordan (NA)
About 12 years ago I asked for help from her and got a big snub! It was a sad day for me. She had a rep. talk to me instead. No help at all. and I will be voting in November. and it will not be for Eshoo. Federico Flores (NA)
Risa Ann Bernasconi I to went to her office and she was in but did not have time for. Federico Flores (NA)
28 years in Congress ?? Time for someone else to take over. This should apply to each and everyone in Congress / Senate. Christoff MK (Carmel Highlands, California)
Federico Flores if you are a big donor to her campaign, oh my. She will be answering your call in seconds. Should not be that way but that’s how it is. I don’t vote for the same candidate TWICE !! I believe everyone must have the opportunity to represent each constituency. Not that they get elected and go to DC to get old. 28 years was way beyond too long in DC!!! Christoff MK (Carmel Highlands, California)
Gabriel Young time for voters to REJECT such candidates !! They will NEVER serve the voters in that constituency but the DONORS !!! Christoff MK (Carmel Highlands, California)
I physically went to her office about a year or so ago to express my concern about the separation and caging of immigrant children and families. I was barely given the time of day by her office staff and never had any follow up communication of substance. Risa Ann Bernasconi (NA)
Entrenched CAREER POLITICIANS will never be for anyone but themselves! Get rid of them all permanently Kelly Plunkett (NA)
She’s never seen in the news unlike Ro Khanna. Unlike Kamala Harris. Zoe has been there a long time too, but look at her as an impeachment prosecutor . She’s been in Congress too long. I don’t dislike her, but we need fresh thinking. Crystal Casey (Palo Alto, California)
As chairman of the US House Health subcommittee, Anna Eshoo certainly bears some responsibility. I have not seen her ONCE speak to the nation about the pandemic. The US response has been totally chaotic and inadequate, and yet she has claimed credit for working on it for 15 years. Clearly, her work was quite ineffective. We need someone new. Gosia Hoot (NA)
Margie Glantz It was her job to prepare a pandemic response plan. She had 15 years to do it. It was a failure. Jim Somers (Redwood City, California)
She's not merely trying to befriend Big Pharma; she fully befriended them a long time ago. She holds the distinction of having been the recipient of more money from Big Pharma than any other member of Congress. That's how friendship is measured in D.C. Jim Somers (Redwood City, California)
Can't anyone beat this **** Pelosi clone? Awful for decades. Gordon Landreth (Menlo Park, California)
Somebody please defeat the Pelosi clone! Gordon Landreth (Menlo Park, California)
She’s part of the club making her part of the problem. Greg Lustig (San Jose, California)
Get the 💰 out of politics! Stop contributions, money driven Elections, paid lobbying and corrupition Ali Maddening (NA)
Vote Eshoo out. NOBODY should hold an office in politics for this long. Mandy Gundersen (NA)
voter her out Sara Ajagu (NA)
Vote her out! We need new blood! Anne Talma Gamlin (NA)
In the pockets of big pharma 😤 Dawn Smith (NA)

Comments from Facebook

Below are comments made to the following Facebook Ad by AARP in support of Anna:
aarp ad on facebook
I'm not voting for you again (Anna). I searched each week for months to see if you had finally added your name on to impeach Trump. Every time I checked I was disappointed. You don't get to ride the fence, trying not to anger rich republicans, but not taking a stand for what you know is right. I suppose your name is signed on by now but I'm over checking it. I'm done. You didn't take a stand when it was the hard thing to do, I don't care if you've done it now, when it's easy to do. When you are looking at evil you need to face it and take a stand. You didn't. I hope a democrat runs against you, one that I can respect Phoebe Klemz
Sure, AARP, she's fighting really hard. Rishi Kumar doesn't take money from the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry… Laura Livengood
Anna Esho's leading contributer is the Pharm industry. Hard to believe she is really fighting them. Allen Fitzpatrick
Garbage. Embarrassed that she’s our rep. Corporate puppet/career politician Trevor Raineri
Crony capitalism at its worst. And the corrupt AARP has been in the middle of it. Jeffrey Morrison
This woman is a joke. Of course, so is AARP. Jimmy Joe Lee
Eshoo hasnt lead ****. I'll be voting for her primary challenger, Rishi. An endorsement to Eshoo, makes me question the person/company/org. Justin SanDiego
Another person who gives the illusion that her “program” is working, when in reality she is gouging the market for her own benefit. Shawn Dormish
She is bought off by big pharma. Brandon Henriquez
AARP is just another not-so-trusted institution pushing propaganda for a rep on the take. Eshoo is a Pelosi-light. Casey Grittman
I love these comments. I went to the pre-election debate between her and Christine Russell, I cannot believe she continues to get reelected. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me in Northern California. She is Pelosi-lite Tim CornPop Daniel
Tim CornPop Daniel she’s a swamper whom we must be get rid of. She’s in the pocket of Pharmaceutical all the way:(( Carmen Yousef Benjamin
Isn't Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020 a better candidate? It's time to elect from relatable people who care, not from those who are out of touch from actual constituents. Khan Nafee M Sadh
She takes more bribes, I mean campaign money, from big Pharma than anyone else in Calif. Kevin Scholl
On the pay roll far too long. Darlene West
She is all for her self not for people. Michal Younanzadeh
Lets get her to endorse M4A Thutam Nguyen
Thutam Nguyen she won’t, and that’s why I support her progressive challenger, Rishi Justin SanDiego
Get your head out of the clouds and do something for the people instead of follow the party line Ross Bridge
Anna Eshoo you ...have done absolutely nothing to help your constituents . I see your allegiance to AARP is still in tact . Go to work like you were elected to do . Your seat will not be safe for long. Steve Welch
She keeps getting votes. Why? That's the problem. Daryl Anthony Biancucci
What precisely did she do to cut drug prices. John Hammink
You misspelled the title you meant to thank her for the high medical prices and for lining her pockets while doing so. Scott Cameron
Most politicians gouge the people who voted for them, not only do they take the job But take bribes from the biggest Pharm companies and it turn they increase prices on Us to pay the politicians that keep the prices increasing. Rachel Silvas Dewstone
TERM LIMITS Shawn Cooley
Eshoo is a neoliberal shill and I'm looking forward to her being replaced by a progressive.Get off my feed and take your pharma money with you. You are a disgrace. Sean Love
Anna Leads from behind. Doesn’t make a move that’s out of step with Pelosi. Career politician who’s become complacent. Dana Brewer Harris
Price fixin’. What could go wrong? Lol. Jason Zumwalt
Eshoo is a ****, thanks for nothing! Elvyra Hancock
It’s time to eschew Eshoo. Enrique Muñoz Torres
Crawl back in your hole Richard Bontempi
Get rid of her, drain the swamp Alan Eagleton
Below are comments made to the following Article in the Daily Post:
Sprint T-Mobile Merger Article
When enough shekels hit her purse, the vote flipped. Hawkeye
I don't get the logic that fewer players would mean more competition. I think it would be the opposite, more companies means more choices for consumers, ergo more competition. Carmen
The answer isn't to allow two companies to merge. Her response should be to break up AT&T and Verizon into several smaller companies. Instead of three players, how about 10? In the early 80s, you may Eshoo's predecessors (people like Tim Wirth and Bob Packwood) successfully split Ma Bell into several regional carriers. With several phone companies, rates fell. With a separate company to sell equipment, and no requirement that it come from Ma Bell, the cost of a phone dropped. MCI was allowed to compete with AT&T in the longlines business. Breaking AT&T up lowered consumer costs and opened the door to the explosion in wireless technology. Today, the idea of allowing four carriers to become three is a step in the opposite direction. We should push for 10 or more companies. More competitors means lower rates. Ms. Eshoo, you remember Tim Wirth. What do you think he would say? Roy Burke
Readers should know that seven Democratic senators (four of whom have announced their candidacies for president in 2020)and independent senator Bernie Sanders (who has also announce a presidential run) have jointly sent letters to the FCC and the Justice Department, that also has jurisdiction in merger cases, urging them to reject the proposed merger. In their letter, the Senators argue that the merger would be a "sharp blow to competition in the telecommunications industry" and would "eliminate competition that has been shown to benefit consumers and stifle the emergence of new carriers" (see https://thehill.com/policy/technology/429618-dem-senators-urge-fcc-justice-department-to-reject-t-mobile-sprint-merger and https://thehill.com/policy/technology/428619-t-mobile-sprint-step-up-merger-push). Eshoo's position in this can be best explained by the mountain of money she has received in career contributions from telecommunications corporations. (This parallels her even more fervent work in protecting the pricing power of drug companies who have made her the fourth biggest career recipient of drug company contributions after Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Orin Hatch. See https://www.sanjoseinside.com/2019/01/10/op-ed-rep-anna-eshoo-needs-to-answer-for-ties-to-big-pharma/) Salem