Elected Leaders

Note: Titles and Organizations listed below are for identification purposes only

Former Mayor Stan Bogosian Saratoga

Former Councilmember Jack Mallory Saratoga

Mayor Steven Scharf Cupertino

Vice Mayor Liang-Fang Chao Cupertino

Vice Mayor Raj Salwan Fremont

Mayor Kuldip Thusu Dinuba

Mayor Rich Tran Milpitas

Mayor Adele Andrade-Stadler City of Alhambra

Councilmember Liz Lawler Monte Sereno

Councilmember Rowena Turner Monte Sereno

Councilmember Michael Goldman Sunnyvale

Councilmember Vinnie Bacon Fremont

Councilmember Jenny Kassen Fremont

Councilmember Teresa Keng Fremont

Councilmember Yang Shao Fremont

Councilmember Raj Chahal Santa Clara

Councilmember Sabina Zafar San Ramon

Councilmember Gary Singh Union City

Councilmember Arun Goel Dublin

Former Mayor Frank Verlot Los Altos

Former Mayor Jose Esteves Milpitas

Former Vice Mayor Evert Wolsheimer Monte Sereno

Former Councilmember Nancy Pyle San Jose

Councilmember Mani Grewal Modesto

Councilmember Alan Haffa Monterey

Councilmember Angie English Hawthorne

Councilmember Chin-Ho Liao San Gabriel

Councilmember Ali Sajjad Taj Artesia

Former Councilmember Raji Brar Arvin

Tech leaders & Innovators
of Silicon Valley

Ajeet Singh CEO Thoughtspot, Founder Nutanix

Ana Pinczuk CTO, Anaplan Former President & GM, HPE Pointnext

Arjun Malhotra Founder HCL Technologies

Atik Reza Former President and COO AMD

B V Jagadeesh KAAJ Ventures, CTO Exodus Comm.CEO NetScaler

Devinder Shukla CFO AMD

Mohit Aron Founder and CEO Cohesity

Jay Sethuram Partner at Crestlight VentureFounder Cerent Corporation

John Thomas CEO Priv8PayFormer VP of Wireless at Rambus

Kailash Joshi TiE Co-Founder and past President

Keerti Melkote Aruba Networks (Founder)

Kittu Kolluri Founder & MD at Neotribe Ventures

Pankaj Manglik Founder Aruba Networks

Paul Singh Founder Veraz, Espresso Logic,CyLAN, Hifn, Internetware

Pravin Madhani CEO K2 Cyber Security

Raj Jaswa CEO Dyyno, Chairman/CEO Selectica

Raj Singh Founder Cerrant

Rakesh Mathur Founder Junglee

Satish Bagalkotkar CEO Synapse Design

Shamik Mehta Former President APJ, Tibco Software

Sudhakar Ramakrishnan CEO Pulse Secure

Suhas Patil Founder Cirrus Logic

Syed Ali CEO Founder of Cavium Network

Tsuyoshi Taira Nexxus Ventures

Venk Shukla General Partner Monta Vista Capital

Dr Xi Zhao-Wilson CEO BioMarker

Endorsement Statements

Responds to residents' requests - oversaw trimming of bushes at intersections, making road views safe; he is aware of water issues. Jean Ricket
He is been tireless in his efforts as councilman in Saratoga. He is a relentless pursuer of various efforts especially neighborhood watch and protecting consumer interests like the water department. Carol Manning
Rishi gets things done! He is very productive, hard working and has spectacular vision. John Nielson
Rishi has been instrumental to our success with regards to our Neighborhood Safety Watch program as well as working tirelessly to keep our water rates low and keep our community safe. Daniel Onn, Neighborhood Safety Watch Captain
We would not be able to do it without Rishi's hard work and dedication to our community. I stand by Rishi and am honored to endorse Rishi for running for Congress for District 18 while continuing to put Saratoga and surrounding communities at the forefront. Daniel Onn, Neighborhood Safety Watch Captain
Rishi has been an effective and involved council member who has worked tirelessly for this community. He is personally involved in our issues and the only council member who goes out of his way to reach out to us. I know without doubt that he will do the same for our Congressional District. Susan Cohen
Takes initiative. Gets things done. Phenomenal communication. Pankaj Manglik
Have seen his amazing work in getting our voices heard in all water issues. Have also appreciated his neighborhood watch program. Badrinath Sridharan
I support Rishi because he actually cares about the people who are getting gouged by the water company, among other things. Mike Niday
Rishi--will get things done...and not kick the cans--down the road. Many in politics talk...but, seldom WALK... Jeffrey Aristide
Rishi's heart is in the right place and he executes on his promises Cindy Bianco
Rishi is always there for us, like the recent gas leak, water rate increase, etc. He informs us and fight for our community. Xiaojun Ma
He takes on tough issues that matter to the public Haideh Karkhanechi
Rishi has a proven track record of a great community leader and I know him as a focused, smart and friendly person! Sreen Kosireddy
Rishi cares and does what he cares, most important is he puts efforts to achieve goals to benefit neighbors. Jane Nee
Rishi has been very helpful in holding San Jose Water accountable for its numerous rate hike requests. He is a doer and is very persuasive, getting my wife and I to change our party affiliation so we could vote for him in recent Democratic Party elections. I feel he is authentic and sincere and would do a great job in Congress representing our district. Dave Scott
As a former mayor of Saratoga, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent us in Congress than Rishi Kumar. Rishi is not afraid to tackle the critical issues that affect our quality of life. Rishi achieves results without wasting our hard-earned tax dollars in the process. Rishi has demonstrated the fiscal discipline so desperately needed at the national level. His extensive experience in the private sector is necessary to successfully meet the challenges our country faces in the 21st century. Stan Bogosian, Former Mayor and Councilmember, City of Saratoga
All the best to you on your run for higher office against Anna Eschoo, #18. You have my support. Former Councilmember Jack Mallory, Saratoga
Rishi Kumar brings the leadership we need to create good paying jobs and make the U.S. an innovation leader in the 21st Century. As an executive and leadership roles at Cisco and IBM, Rishi understands machine learning and other cutting edge technologies and how we can harness those technologies to make America stronger and more prosperous. In his leadership on the Saratoga City Council and on the CA Democratic Party's executive board, Rishi brings a deep understanding of what our government can do to empower and provide opportunity to Bay Area residents. Most importantly, Rishi has great personal integrity. I know that he will always put the people he represents first and will work tirelessly to serve his constituents. Please join me in supporting Rishi Kumar for Congress. Robert Harlow, Stanford '14 Physics
Love to see you going after Eshoo on the mountains of money she's taken from Big Pharma and the healthcare industry. I think you should hit her hard on the fact that she's the chair of the health committee and takes lots of money from the industries affected by the actions of her committee. She participates in writing legislation affecting them, and she votes on that legislation. This is a BLATANT conflict of interest that should be publicized broadly. Jim Somers, Redwood City
For 50 years I have listened to my older brothers lectures about the sky is falling, repeating Al Gores faulty predictions, ad nauseam. None have come true. Work on satellites designed to measure our planet, proves IPCC model ignores newer variables now measured, falsely attributing them to human influence. Science has not proven climate doomsday correct. #Scarethechildren tactic is child abuse, stressing children, and non informed. SuspiciousObservers.org will educate with clear tutorials for those inclined to follow science, not superstitions. Please go to the site, learn, be the shining light dispelling the darkness. Met this guy at Brookdale lodge, seems approachable, did not repeat collusion, russia, or impeach 10,000 times an hour. Kris Miller
Rishi Kumar If your platform remains true to its word, you could not come at a better time. Pharma has infiltrated every corner of California politics. As such, we need to work to remove pharma puppets like Sen Richard Pan, and we need to do this now! I am happy to finally see a Democrat willing to take on Big PHARMA. Laura Galvan
I remember you from your days at Michigan and am delighted that you have remained in public service. Best of luck in your campaign! Susan Wilson
I’m very glad to support a candidate who can see this! (Public transportation) Jean-Michel Depardieu
Rishi has done soo much already for his community. :Be it Rishi or anyone else who is standing for such a post, one should look @ the work done by the candidate and the vision and strategy that the individual brings to the table. Just coz someone has not been challenged in the past, doesn't mean they wont be challenged and cannot be replaced. Also, data about the work done by any candidate should be the deciding factor, and no one can come close to what Rishi Kumar has done, not only for his council but for the overall community across the Bay Area. Safety and security of the community and curbing costs for water are 2 of his biggest accomplishments from the long list of other amazing things he has done for the community. People should go to one of his meetings and ask him questions face to face, and I assure you, you will be beyond impressed. Do you think anyone has the courage to face your questions in a public domain like that? Varun Kapur
Grassroots campaigner Rishi! Know your Voters, so you can remember them when you win! Issues and Policies should guide our vote, and not incumbency - go Rishi. Republicans for Rishi! Raj Jaswa
Rishi Kumar is standing up against Big Pharma. This is one of the most important issues of our time. Julie Chayt Scott
So glad that there is finally a progressive challenger going up against Eshoo. Best of luck. I'll spread the word to all the progressive social media accounts I follow John Veneable
Rishi Kumar if you are for medicare for all and can speak honestly about the fact that families might have a $2000 increase in taxes but their $18,000 annual insurance premiums will go away, then I will certain seriously consider voting for you. Our family essentially buys an economy car in the form of healthcare costs every single year. And we are healthy. It's insanity. And I'm fed up with the BS from Democrat candidates saying they are going to do something radical (Newsom for example) and once they are office it's just a pattern of holding onto the status quo. Martha Sterne
We need you, like now! So frustrated with this congress! (Wars, Veterans) Mark Scott Varner
My voice as a conservative here in California have no representation in congress. Yep....I deserve better. Taxation without representation is corrupt! Gary Bruce
Thanks for running Rishi!! Adam Mednick
I know of you from all the great praise you get for how you brought people together in making Saratoga safe. This won't be easy, but this great nation is because citizens like you are not afraid to stand up and tackle difficult challenges thank you for listening to the science and for stepping up to lead!! You have my support!!! Adam, Saratoga
I’ll take door to door conversations spreading a message over corporate donors buying time on the networks. Any day. Thanks Rishi! Jan Hagge
Rishi Kumar is running for this Congress seat. He does not take any money from Pharmaceutical companies and is for the people. He will actually work to lower prices. Daryl Hoot