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My name is...Rep. Anna Eshoo
My name is...Rishi Kumar

Kumar for Congress to take on Big Pharma

There is no more critical time than now to elect people that represent our best interests and offer a better future for our children. As a physician, I have witnessed people die due to the exorbitant costs of life-saving medications.

Ten months ago, I stood at the doorstep of Rep. Anna Eshoo, demanding that she endorse HR 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019, with no response. Rep. Eshoo is a leading recipient in Congress of Big Pharma money, an industry that literally profits off of human suffering. Not only does HR 1384 save lives, but it is essential for small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially in a pandemic.

We have an opportunity to turn this around by electing a candidate who refuses to accept corporate PAC money and supports HR 1384. Rishi Kumar, running against Rep. Eshoo, is one such candidate. It's time to replace those who have gotten too comfortable in their seats in Congress.

Yusra Hussain
Chair of South Bay Physicians for a National Health Program San Jose


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Why is Rishi getting support over Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
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Former Mayor Stan Bogosian Saratoga

Former Councilmember Cheriel Jensen Saratoga

Former Councilmember Jack Mallory Saratoga

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Vice Mayor Arun Goel Dublin

Councilmember Dianne Martinez Emeryville

Former Mayor Frank Verlot Los Altos

Former Mayor Jose Esteves Milpitas

Former Vice Mayor Evert Wolsheimer Monte Sereno

Councilmember Mani Grewal Modesto

Trustee Sharan Kaur New Haven Union School District

Councilmember Alan Haffa Monterey

Councilmember Angie English Hawthorne

Councilmember Chin-Ho Liao San Gabriel

Councilmember Ali Sajjad Taj Artesia

Former Councilmember Raji Brar Arvin

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Endorsement Statements

Thanks for running Rishi!! I know of you from all the great praise you get for how you brought people together in making Saratoga safe. This won't be easy, but this great nation is because citizens like you are not afraid to stand up and tackle difficult challenges thank you for listening to the science and for stepping up to lead!! You have my support!!! Adam Mednick, Saratoga
If your platform remains true to its word, you could not come at a better time. Pharma has infiltrated every corner of California politics. I am happy to finally see a Democrat willing to take on Big PHARMA. Incredibly refreshing to have a Democrat running in our district that has broken away from "establishment" politicians, who stands against PAC money, and who is willing to take on the fight of Big Pharma - likely the most critical issue of our time! Laura Galvan, Los Gatos
I commend the consistent, supportive efforts of Saratoga’s Councilmember Rishi Kumar in keeping Saratoga safe. His efforts in helping initiate more than 50 Saratoga Neighborhood Watch programs is essential in helping law enforcement personnel with the endeavor of keeping our children and community safe. Working in law enforcement for decades, I support Rishi's run for U.S Congress. John Hirokawa, former Saratoga Captain*, former West Valley Patrol Division Commander, former County Undersheriff
I just voted for him (mail in ballot) based on the refusal to take money from super PACs Glen Ena
We are voting for you Rishi. Thank you for running Cindy Asrir, Redwood City
As a former resident of Palo Alto I just want to thank you for taking on the incumbent to really try to make a change.
If I still lived in Palo Alto I'd vote for you, but now I'll just send you my good luck.
Jonne Kaunisto
You got my vote! Philip Brady
Dear Rishi; I have been following and supporting you with the SJWC battles for quite some time. I appreciate what you have done for our communities in dealing with our expensive yet dysfunctional water situation.
I am certainly not a fan of Anna Eshoo; to say the least. I have many issues with her politics and political behavior. So, you appear to be the front runner, at least on my personal ballot.
John Miller
I’m in his district and I will vote for him. He’s been an activist for the people against big companies. Eshoo is OK but not as good. Eric A Meece
You’ve got my vote Rishi. Robin Bougeja
We are glad you are running as a Democrat. I live in your congressional district and we are supporting you Kathy Kelley
Thank you Mr. Kumar for speaking up on a very important resource that all life depends on. Mr. Kumar will get my vote for 2020 Congressional elections. Michael Lieberman
Rishi Kumar A thank you from me as well. I am glad to learn more about you because quite frankly I am tired of the canned responses I get on issues that are in my view, dire. Healthcare for all, climate and money in politics are at the top of my list. Becky Potapa Gallinger
Thanks for caring enough to come to our little community. 👍🇺🇸 Boulder Creek... right here ... voting Rishi!! Jan Hagge, Boulder Creek
Met this guy [Rishi] at Brookdale lodge, seems approachable, did not repeat collusion, russia, or impeach 10,000 times an hour. Kris Miller, Brookdale
I remember you from your days at Michigan and am delighted that you have remained in public service. Best of luck in your campaign! Susan Wilson
Yes. His passion for exploring better, cheaper healthcare options. Abhishek Agarwal
Yes. He's a progressive and he's running to replace the corrupt Anna Eshoo. James Lewis Somers
Isn't Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020 a better candidate? It's time to elect from relatable people who care, not from those who are out of touch from actual constituents. Khan Nafee, Mountain View
Keep up your fight for us Cole Cameron
I’m very glad to support a candidate who can see this! (Public Transportation) Jean-Michel Depardieu
We need a new face in Congress who will work with the cultural community that they serve and not ignore their needs and issues! Myrtle Walker
Rishi has done so much already for his community. Just because someone has not been challenged in the past, doesn't mean they wont be challenged and cannot be replaced. No one can come close to what Rishi Kumar has done, not only for his council, but for the overall community across the Bay Area. Safety and security of the community and curbing costs for water are 2 of his biggest accomplishments from the long list of other amazing things he has done for the community. People should go to one of his meetings and ask him questions face to face, and I assure you, you will be beyond impressed. Do you think anyone has the courage to face your questions in a public domain like that? Varun Kapur
Grassroots campaigner Rishi! Know your Voters, so you can remember them when you win! Issues and Policies should guide our vote, and not incumbency - go Rishi. Republicans for Rishi! Raj Jaswa
Rishi Kumar is standing up against Big Pharma. This is one of the most important issues of our time. Julie Chayt Scott, Los Altos
If you're ever in San Carlos, stop by la hacienda cafe on Laurel Street. We'll give an endorsement! John Veneable, San Carlos
Rishi Kumar if you are for medicare for all and can speak honestly about the fact that families might have a $2000 increase in taxes but their $18,000 annual insurance premiums will go away, then I will certain seriously consider voting for you. Our family essentially buys an economy car in the form of healthcare costs every single year. And we are healthy. It's insanity. And I'm fed up with candidates saying they are going to do something radical and once they are office it's just a pattern of holding onto the status quo. Martha Sterne
We need you, like now! So frustrated with this congress! (Wars, Veterans) Mark Scott Varner
My voice as a conservative here in California have no representation in congress. Yep....I deserve better. Taxation without representation is corrupt! Gary Bruce
I’ll take door to door conversations spreading a message over corporate donors buying time on the networks. Any day. Thanks Rishi! Everything that I can see from Rishi is that he’s somebody we can believe in. Jan Hagge, Portola Valley
Rishi Kumar is running for this Congress seat. He does not take any money from Pharmaceutical companies and is for the people. He will actually work to lower prices. Daryl Hoot
Carry on with your hard work and dedication it's gonna take us all a long way. Mohammed Sam Sharif, San Francisco
Way to go Rishi. Best of Luck! Damy Patel
Rishi Kumar, you are fit for American Congress go on go on you deserve it. Jagdish Patel, Saratoga
I like that you support #MedicareForAll. I WILL VOTE FOR YOU!!🇺🇸💙🇺🇸 Dawn Smith
Easy choice to support. Amelia Millie Sperry, San Jose
I wish you all the best Mr. Kumar, I'm just outside of the 18th District in Jakie Spear's bailiwick. I'm glad you're running. David Kush, Redwood City
We need a new face in Congress who will work with the cultural community that they serve and not ignore their needs and issues! Myrtle Walker, East Palo Alto
Thank you for your support Rishi! 🙂 (on public sector banking) Jake Ryan Tonkel , San Jose District 6 Green Party candidate
Rishi is the right choice for California in Congress. Isaac Drauna
It’s time to get big money out of politics! We have to get all corporate PACs and special interests out of our government! You have my vote! Lawrence Deng
Thanks for doing your part Rishi. 👏👏👏 like Elon is doing his part. Like I worked and driving a Tesla. It does take a village to adopt to EV’s. Jump in yo all, before it is too late! 🙏 Kannan Govindasamy
You have an incredibly wide swath of campaign platforms. Wowzers. Michelle McIntyre
I think, Rishi Kumar would prove to be a good choice. He has qualities of leadership. Sudarshan Ahluwalia
Grassroots support, safety initiatives and success, and and not being owned... legit. Yes, very much so. He is dynamic, caring, energetic and a hard worker Dr Shiva Singh
Absolutely! Celeste Martino, San Jose
Yes because she could make a big impact and a good leader Tom Olsen, Menlo Park
Yes, need "Fresh Thinking" without a duty to lockstep with Party Leaders Kenneth Charles Frederick, Atherton
He knows big food, big pharma, big oil, and big pesticide/GMO each HARM us! David Eller, Menlo Park
Yes, bc Medicare for All.YouShould also support tenants' and workers' right Annie Nguyen-Barany, Mountain View
Refusal of special interest money of ALL types. Michael Perez, Menlo Park
Also, appreciate that you are driving Silicon Valley-style success thru tech initiatives, innovation pushes, and addressing Bay Area concerns on traffic, as well as residential and community safety.
Be the candidate that welcomes data based scrutiny on your policy based initiatives. I’d like to hear substance to be a better informed voter.
Thank you Rishi!! So nice to have someone actually listen and want to tackle concerns no matter how many it helps!
Hindi Hipp
Finally, someone who understands (on greenhouses). Yes - that would be amazing. I think you'd be great! Go Rishi! Susan Freeman
Rishi Kumar brings the leadership we need to create good paying jobs and make the U.S. an innovation leader in the 21st Century. As an executive at Smart Utility Systems and Imaginea Technologies Inc., and in holding leadership roles at Cisco and IBM, Rishi understands machine learning and other cutting edge technologies and how we can harness those technologies to make America stronger and more prosperous. In his leadership on the Saratoga City Council and on the CA Democratic Party's executive board, Rishi brings a deep understanding of what our government can do to empower and provide opportunity to Bay Area residents. Most importantly, Rishi has great personal integrity. I know that he will always put the people he represents first and will work tirelessly to serve his constituents. Please join me in supporting Rishi Kumar for Congress. Robert Harlow '14 Physics, Stanford University
I have known Rishi since our days in IBM in 2003. I found Rishi to be a good listener who jumped into any opportunity to be of help. He has always had a “service to mankind” attitude and that begins with his friends. I found Rishi a caring person who loves being around people. I also know that he supports the Sikh community whole-heartedly. Rishi has visited Gurudwaras for prayers, participated in langar and has even talked to me about visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I support Rishi’s run and I know he will do very well as our United States Representative Gary Singh Tasser
I have known Rishi since our days in Temple University studying Mechanical Engineering. We took classes together and Rishi definitely has the work ethics. There wasn’t half way about anything he did. But what I found Rishi as a practicing Hindu was his openness to all religions and our Pakistan culture. Rishi does not have any bias, he truly appreciates all traditions that makes the world an interesting place. He has attended prayers at the local mosque and embraces these opportunities to incorporate and integrate. We need more elected leaders like Rishi Amir Abbas
I agree with rishi Kumar Patrick Donovan
Wow, maybe I’ll vote for you after all. Elziabeth Stabenow-Roberts
You have my vote! Jan Leaser
yes...our best choice for an honest voice for the community Cath Trindle
everything that I can see from Rishi is that he’s somebody we can believe in. Jan Hagge
Rishi's heart is in the right place and he executes on his promises. Cindy Blanco
Rishi is always there for us, like the recent gas leak, water rate increase, etc. He informs us and fight for our community. Xiaojun MA
He takes on tough issues that matters to public Karkhanechi, Haideh
Rishi cares and does what he cares, most important is he puts efforts to achieve goals to benefit neighbors. Jane Nae
Rishi has been very helpful in holding San Jose Water accountable for its numerous rate hike requests. He is a doer and is very persuasive, getting my wife and I to change our party affiliation so we could vote for him in recent Democratic Party elections. I feel he is authentic and sincere and would do a great job in Congress representing our district. Dave Scott
I appreciate a politician who speaks honestly about his or her positions without regard for the audience. Although I disagree with many of your stances, the fact that you took the time to honestly answer my questions, even being forewarned that I wasn't pre-disposed to vote Democrat, distinguishes you from many politicians.

You've earned my vote for this election, and subsequent ones until someone who comes along with views closer to mine.
Thomas Brinly
Yes. He's a progressive and he's running to replace the corrupt Anna Eshoo. Jim Somers
Only guy to reach out to me Sridhar Sikka
Need someone like you in there to shake this stuff up Rishi!
Your tireless effort to fight these increases won't be appreciated by many who aren't paying attention to the issues but are appreciated. This is a real politician, someone who fights for their constituents, not someone holed up in Washington who hides behind moderators on her town hall calls who decides what topics get discussed. Nice work sir.
Glad you are bringing this to people's attention - people need to pull back the curtain on the deals that are done in the shadows. Need a guy like you who is willing to call out the status quo.
Greg Holsen
I’m a Veteran and voting for Mr. Kumar. Why? I believe in his ideas and common sense attitude. Kumar 2020 Eagle Feather Fuentez
I am excited about Rishi Kumar’s run for U.S. Congress. His passion for his community and his fearless activism, as evidenced by his fight against water rate increases and crime, make him an excellent candidate. Rishi is not beholden to special interests; he is a results driven, hardworking advocate for his constituents. You can be assured that he will fight for us, and when there are tough challenges, Rishi will tackle them with the tenacity and integrity to succeed in Washington. Mayor Liz Lawler, Monte Sereno
Mr. Rishi Kumar, would love to see you take her seat...I will vote for you, as well as my Wife and Son... We need progressive Representation from our leaders...best wishes and God Bless... We attend many Social Events...I will make it a point to stop and say hello to you. You're the kind of leader that we need... Congratulations on your Campaign... Looking forward to shaking your hand. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸...Americans for a better tomorrow, and Veterans too!..US ARMY, Infantry Sgt. Dmz scouts Korea. 82 - 83. Alex M Sanchez
You know it , I thought i was going stop doing politics but I'm still in ill tell you that you blow her out the water just being yourself we know everyone you run against going to be about big money but you listen and talk to us the small guy you always reply she never do that for us i never seen her doing anything near what you do on your platform Ronin Wolf (Mountain View, California)
I'm loyal to you man you earned it bro keep fighting we will support you. “go Rishi go! Ronin Wolf (Mountain View, California)
Keep fighting, Mr Rishi Kumar. We need new people, with new ideas. Even this life-long republican, who probably doesn’t agree with your stance 100% of the time , is supporting your efforts. GO RISHI, GO!! Elizabeth Stabenow-Roberts (Los Altos, California)
Vote out ALL long term Reps.! Corruption is killing our country! She doesn't represent the will of her constituents, she votes for her own pocketbook and her puppet-masters. TERM LIMITS! GO RISHI!!! John Gary Marsh (San Jose, California)
Federico Flores does anyone reading this have any experience being helped by Anna Eshoo or know anyone who has? All of Saratoga knows who Rishi Kumar is and he has done more in his first year on city council than all the other city council members combined.“Federico Flores and yes that includes working on issues I care about and personally helping me and my neighborhood. Lenny Pollak (NA)
Rishi Kumar only!!! He has my vote .... no more Anna eshoo 😡 we need a change and new ideas from Rishi Kumar 👍 Koky Rivas (Redwood City, California)
Thank you Rishi Kumar!I voted for you in the primary and I will vote for you again in November. Anna Eshoo is okay but she has failed to support many progressive issues. Rosalie Alice
Love Rishi Kumar. He has my vote. The only honest candidate. Steven L. Palmer (Los Gatos, California)
Time to love Rishi Kumar and vote for him!!!!! Steven L. Palmer (Los Gatos, California)
No way!!! I’m with Rishi Kumar all the way!! Karen Ferguson (Menlo Park, California)
I support you, Rishi! I had to block everyone who commented on this feed. I suggest you do the same… Karen Ferguson (Menlo Park, California)
This country NEEDS to go in a progressive direction!✌️ Brian Burwell (Redwood City, California)
Rishi!! All the way! Leena Sujan
Rishi sir will win definitely Soni NK (NA)
He gets my vote Dawn Smith (NA)
Rishi will win Dawn Smith (NA)
go Rishi go! Dei Grazie Lum

From Social Media & Emails

Subject: You are always on the right side of the issues I see your signs poking up ...I wanted to wish you the best of luck on your run for Congressman and thank you personally for your outstanding informative service to the People of Saratoga. It appears to me that you stand for what is right for the people. You’re most definitely a brave man. Tom
I find your email updates on current events extremely valuable and informative for your constituents, and you are the only council member I receive these types of emails from, very nice job!- Weslie Weslie - 8/20/20
Thank you for your timely and informative emails (on fire). You are an excellent public servant! - Gus Gus - 8/20/20
Hello, my name is Inga and I'm actually calling for Carly. She is an intern with you.And she sent me a letter I was out of town and I could not tell tell her how much I enjoyed her volunteering for you. I do not need help because my daughter lives nearby and I want to tell you that I voted for you at the primary so you can count on me. Thank you. And I wish I hope that you can thank Carly for m.Thank you. Bye Inga - 8/19/20
Thank you for your note - donated and requested lawn sign. Your refreshing energy and the willingness to challenge the status quo on all important fronts are exactly what's needed in Congress representing us in Bay Area. I hope you win and will certainly vote for you. Sarah - 8/19/20
you are an honest person. For so many years you never change. Thank you. Mr. Chang - 8/13/20
Hi Rishi, I was just reading through your campaign website and am very much looking forward to voting for you in November! Thank you for being such a great leader and activist - we will be very fortunate to have your representation in Washington! Julia - 8/10/20
Thank you for campaigning for Rishi. I appreciate your effort for a very worthy candidate. I am 89 years old and I am happily voting for Rishi. We desperately need a positive change. Good luck, Patricia B - 8/9/20
Representatives who do not understand tech representing Silicon Valley makes no sense at all. Great point and FWIW I hope your campaign team makes this a continuing key message. Greg - 8/9/20
Your tech experience is one of many reasons to vote for you as our Representative. Our District in particular, and the nation in general, cannot afford to have laws made by tech-illiterate legislators. The appalling ignorance of the current legislators is what permitted the 'gang of four' tech CEOs to evade honest answers and run rings around their questions. We need people in Congress like you, Rishi, who ask tough, detailed questions on behalf of the American people, and put the necessary legislative framework in place to recover our privacy from both commercial and Deep-State snoops. One look at the extent of mass surveillance in China is all that's needed to see our future in America if nothing is done to restrain these frightening threats to our freedom. Sincerely, Peter Peter - 8/9/20
Hello, my name is Aviv and I am a huge fan of Rishi. A couple of years ago I went to a sit-in rally at Anna Eshoo's office and what I saw destroyed my faith in public office. Not only could she not give a straight answer to any serious question, she repeatedly defended the predatory healthcare industry. I believe that Rishi will be a better spokesman for me and my beliefs, that he will not be bought out by corporations seeking to maximize profits. Aviv - 8/2/20
.... I was a former Eshoo supporter up until yesterday! ....you are beyond a doubt the most qualified person to run for a US House of Representatives position in the Bay for years. As a hi-tech executive, city councilmember, and now a candidate for office, you have done it all. In all you do, It sounds like you exemplify honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. It seems that you will genuinely use those qualities to create a better balance between people-centric policy and economically capitalist policy. We need you. I will 100% vote for you this November. Erika Erika - 7/17/20
hi Rishi, Thanks for running! I finished a call with paul, one of your callers this morning. I just wanted to send you this email mentioning the matter that youve got my vote. I love that youre willing to explore cheaper, better health care. Youre a progressive capitalist running in a corrupt system, keep at it and get Anna out of here life long profession! As an independent i think youre a much better option that extremist, anna. Cheers! Melissa Rose Melissa - 6/25/20
Hello Campaign Management Team. My name is Norma and I received a call from an energetic young man earlier today. His name was @Paul Kramer and he seemed to be very invested in politics. He was very informed about current policies, events and Rishi’s goals. I want to personally thank Rishi for providing this opportunity to so many young boys and girls, creating a political community for them. He for sure has my vote! Compared to Eshoo, he seems like he will bring a new light to Washington. Currently, Washington is a stuffy, messed up place with lots of corrupt, non-caring politicians. I hope Rishi can change this with his center, and forward ideas. Thank you for running against this 80 year old, unfit woman. Also, please forward this to Paul or send him a thank you from me, I really enjoyed the political discussion I had with him, he’s quite informed! Thank you, Norma Norma - 6/15/20
I wanted you to know that having Marcus reach out to me and offer to help me was very kind. I live alone and often work alone during Covid as I am an essential worker. Between the demands of patients and family and neighbors during this difficult time, to get that generous text meant a lot to me. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who wants to bring the community together. Your offers make me smile, give me heart and expand my concept of our community. Lisa Lisa - 6/5/20
Thank you for fighting against the horrendous Winery project that would have changed Saratoga forever. As long time residents & fearful of government intrusion into our lives at every turn, it appeared to us that the project would go through irregardless of what residents wanted. We are grateful that you stood up against the influence of powerful money interests who care little about what makes "The Village" such a desirable community. Because of the freedom my profession allowed, we could have located anywhere in the United States, or even the world, we chose Saratoga to lay down our roots, & we've never regretted it for a moment. Warmest regards, Dr. & Mrs.... NA - 5/27/20
Again, I think you displayed tremendous courage, spiritually I would call it a Strong, clear, full heart NA - 5/22/20
I am so very sorry you are being put in this position. We need more people like you… NA - 5/21/20
Hello Council Member Kumar, I wanted to express my thanks to you for your vote last night on the Mountain Winery Annexation Project. This was a victory for protection of open space and habitat, as well as for the community. Thanks again for your support! Alice Alice - 5/21/20
Be it big federal government’s power or local city council power it will always grow beyond its intended initial plan for uses. The mountain winery was an obvious power play. There will be others in the future that are not so obvious but potentially as disturbing. Thank you Rishi for not being afraid to point out that the emperor is naked. I just wish you weren’t a Democrat as I believe they are becoming as power obsessed as the Saratoga city council.(this coming from a fifty year democrat) Fred Fred - 5/21/20
Many Thanks Rishi for keeping us informed No other member is a communicative as you and we appreciate it! … NA - 5/21/20
Thank you for your vote to stop the Annexation. You are absolutely right that there are more pressing issues for the City Council to get behind and rally the residents - for instance as you mentioned the escalating water prices from San Jose Water Company. It seems it is going to take something going maybe to the State Attorney General or other appropriate individuals on the State Water Board to address the monopoly San Jose Water Company has. We have sent letters each time you have asked. Can you disclose by name how the Council voted last evening on the Annexation? I think it says a lot when a Planning Commissioner resigns at 2:30 am!!! We are also disappointed that the Council voted to reimburse the Mt. Winery owners their share of the exploratory work. They stood to make enormous profits if the Annexation and Rezoning had been approved. They are business men and know the risks of losses when trying to develop property and change zoning laws. Thank you for listening to Saratogans and having the courage to go against the grain! Regards, Nancy Nancy - 5/21/20
Thanks for your efforts on the city council. I look forward to checking the box next to your name in November. We need fresh representation in DC for our area. - Fanucchi Fanucchi - 5/21/20
Hi Rishi, I continue to be impressed by your work and dedication to the public you serve. I don’t think I will ever be able to afford to live in Saratoga … but what a representation you are for those who voted for you! Indeed delighted to hear there ARE people like you on City Councils and like the newly resigned planning commissioner, who sounded like was also working as a minority on the commission, doing the right and ethical thing for the people of Saratoga. I did notice the time your e-mail went out and you saying the council meeting JUST ended! I am glad that the Winery annexation project is not going to happen but agree with you to not support a refund, given the circumstances. Assuming that much of that time was spent debating issues and items on the agenda, I congratulate you and others for sticking it out and doing a thorough job. Even though I won’t get to vote for you, I am comforted reading your e-mails, knowing that there are ethical and public-serving (not self-serving) people in our local politics! Nina - 5/21/20
Hi Rishi, It is good news that the annexation has stopped. However, I am shocked by Mr. Howard Miller, Ms. Bernald, Mr. Cappello, and Mr. Ahuja conduct and would like to know if there is anyway to replace them before the end of their term. I hate to see Saratoga became another San Jose with elected officials lining their pockets with our tax money - Tanya Tanya - 5/21/20
Thank you Rishi for the update. I appreciate your emails with information regarding actions in our city during this difficult time. I also support your vote on the refund. There were two parties in negotiation and should share the cost equally. It was so important for everyone living in our city to know what was going on. We have basically lost our local newspaper over the past several years as it is basically a real estate ad....but for years it informed us about our city. You took on the job to inform, and for that I am very appreciative. Elanie Elaine - 5/21/20
Excellent job, Rishi! What a victory! We appreciate your unremitting effort to to achieve a good resolution. Thanks again, Terry Terry - 5/21/20
Thank you for your support and strength! We need leaders like you. Mona- 5/21/20
Thank you for your courage, and unwavering support, standing up for your constituents! Saratoga citizens are fortunate to have you as their representation! NA - 5/21/20
You are a very smart man and dedicated public servant! NA - 5/21/20
Thank for making me aware...Rishi you have endless energy. The water company is so lame! The retro billing they got approved a couple years ago was the last straw for me. I will respond to protest to the water company. - Chris Chris - 5/13/20
Dear Rishi, You are doing an incredible job fighting an uphill battle... I don't understand what the other council members are thinking at a time like this. It does not feel like they have the Saratoga residents' best interest in mind. I just want to commend you on what you are doing, being transparent, being a fighter even if you are a lone warrior. I know many residents stand behind you. Keep up the good work and don't let them get you down. Grateful to have someone like you fighting for our neighborhood.Stay safe and healthy. Sincerely, Cindy Cindy - 5/7/21
I no longer lIve in Saratoga but am still on your mailing list. I get to enjoy occasional glimpses into that lovely speck on the planet, under your careful stewardship. Continued success to you. Fingers crossed for November. Deborah - 5/6/20
Rishi… as a resident living on Pierce Road, I thank you for your “no” vote and am truly upset that the other council members voted for this!!!!!! I guess they figure the residents don’t matter… SHAME ON THEM!! Robin Robin - 4/18/20
Rishi… as a resident living on Pierce Road, I thank you for your “no” vote and am truly upset that the other council members voted for this!!!!!! I guess they figure the residents don’t matter… SHAME ON THEM!! Richard Robinson - 4/18/20
Your intelligent and analytical approach to city governance is very much appreciated by my wife and me. It transcends the specificities of the issues on the table. Thank you Fred - 4/18//20
Thank you for everything that you are doing to make Saratoga the place that many are proud to call home .Your steadfast support is most appreciated and I wish you much success in your future endeavours. With Appreciation Daniel Daniel - 4/17/20
I also just saw your report of the recent city council meeting and your position on Mountain Winery annexation. YOU are the elected official we desperately need in all cities, especially in the Bay Area or the South Bay. Saratoga residents are lucky to have you on the city council even though you may be the lone defender for the best for the community! NA - 4/17/20
Thank you Council member Rishi for all your efforts on behalf of Saratogans. Our city government has lost sight of their mission, to serve the people of Saratoga. They seem to care more about developers, development, and keeping up with Los Gatos and Campbell. I hope people will remember at election time who is serving their interest. Keep up your good work. We appreciate it. Aida - 4/17/20
Council member Rishi — You are the first city official to acknowledge that residents are making many valid points about the Mountain Winery project. For months, appointed and elected city officials have told us citizens that they know better than we do. Their glib and misleading responses to our questions are condescending at best and wrong at worst. Sandy - 4/17/20
Rishi. Thank you for being the only member of the city council to vote no on the issue of the $12,000 payment to the potential builder related to the mountain winery. It seems that what the citizens really want is for the whole annex situation is to just stop. No discussion. After watching the whole circus that Miller put on as an excuse to hand over $12,000, it is very clear that this council does not have the residents best interest and safety their priority. I will not go into the Quito project now, but I see a big problem brewing for this city. Thank You again, rose Rose - 4/17/20

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