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Rep. Anna Eshoo

  • Holding Us Back Democrat Elected to Congress in 1992 - has spent 44 years in political office.
  • Failed To Lead And Legislate Sponsored only 4 trivial bills, but claimed 45
    Failed to legislate on Climate, Healthcare, Pandemic Preparedness, Big Tech, Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Civil Liberties, Women's Rights, and America's Opioid Crisis
  • Sold Out - A Failed Seniority In Washington #1 Recipient of Pharma money and legislated to increase drug prices, while chairing the House Health Subcommittee

Rishi Kumar

  • Leading Us Forward Democrat A tech executive, reelected with the most votes in 64 years of Saratoga's election history.
  • Always Innovating, Delivering Results Successfully applying the hi-tech framework to finding real solutions and getting-things-done
    Pushed back 9 San Jose Water Company's rate increases benefiting a million residents
  • Unbought and Uncorrupted Wants to repeal Citizens United. Will always reject campaign contributions from PACs and Special Interest Groups

Rishi’s American dream - From graduate student to a run for U.S Congress.

As a hi-tech executive, I was transferred by IBM to Silicon Valley from Michigan and I absolutely loved it here. My wife, a networking industry professional, and I are raising our two boys and found our American dream in Saratoga. We also discovered deep joy in giving back, solving the problems of our community and helping to better people's lives. That is why I am running for Congress.
- Rishi Kumar -

Rishi Kumar for People, not Special Interests

  • Rishi is running against Rep. Anna Eshoo who is the largest recipient of Pharma Money in Congress, chairs the House Health Subcommittee and has passed legislation that increases our healthcare cost - Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Rishi's campaign is People-Powered; Rishi has pledged to not accept PAC or Special Interest Group campaign contributions.
  • Rishi has a proven political track record of people-centric values, addressing the top challenges fearlessly. Rishi was re-elected with the most votes in Saratoga’s history (2018).
  • Rishi understands Silicon Valley’s innovation agenda as a hi-tech executive and is not a Washington insider career politician entrenched with lobbyists.
  • During a pandemic, Rishi Kumar stopped the campaign and launched the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team. Hundreds of volunteers helped thousands of our neighbors.
  • During the November 2020 election, Rishi garnered more votes (37%) than any other challenger from this district in the last 30 years thanks to an unprecedented district engagement with volunteers from 29 states - 100,000 doors and a million phone calls.
  • San Mateo County: Atherton, El Granada, Half Moon Bay, La Honda, Ladera, Loma Mar, Menlo Park, Pescadero, Pacifica, Portola Valley, Woodside
  • Santa Clara County: Campbell, Lexington Hills, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Parts of San Jose (Fairgrounds, Cambrian Park, Almaden Valley, Willow Glen, West San Jose), Saratoga, Stanford