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Rishi Kumar is poised to win on November 8th, 2022

Rishi defeated 6 strong contenders on June 7, 2022 to make it to the November 2022 General Election, while Anna Eshoo’s vote count was the 2nd worst amongst 52 congressional incumbents in California, and a historic low for her at 47% compared to the 73% norm.

Rishi won 127,000 votes in the November 2020 general election - the highest votes for any Eshoo challenger in 30 years.

New Energy, New Leadership

  • America’s future is in jeopardy! Lifer, sold-out politicians stay too long, are blissfully out of touch, while we suffer record crime, exorbitant gas prices and inflation, a declining education system and a historical California land grab. America wants new blood and Rishi is ready to serve.
  • Rishi's campaign is People-Powered; Rishi has pledged to not accept PAC or Special Interest Group campaign contributions.
  • Elected to city council in 2014, Rishi led the charge on the tough challenges; he reduced burglaries in Saratoga by 47%, the greatest year-to-year drop in city history. He also rejected many of San Jose Water Company’s rate increase proposals, which had never been attempted before.
  • As a result, Rishi was reelected (2018) with the most votes in 64 years of Saratoga’s election history.
  • Rishi is NOT a Washington insider or career politician entrenched with lobbyists. He understands Silicon Valley's innovation economy as a hi-tech executive and will ensure our standing as the innovation capital of the world.
  • During the pandemic, Rishi Kumar suspended the campaign and launched the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team. Hundreds of volunteers helped thousands of our neighbors. During the California fires, Rishi proactively provided urgent fire updates, and helped evacuated people with hotel accommodations.
  • During the November 2020 election, Rishi received more votes (37%) than any other challenger from this district in the last 30 years, thanks to an unprecedented district engagement with volunteers from 29 states, 100,000 doors knocked on, and a million phone calls made.
  • Rishi’s run is to promote ethics in politics. He will always fight for the people and will never sell out. Vote for Rishi, Vote for Change  !