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Rishi Kumar is poised to win against Eshoo

Democrat Rishi Kumar will face Anna Eshoo again in the runoff - for the 2nd straight time. There are no Republicans  in this race.

Eshoo’s support in the district has plummeted based on her historic low of 48% votes in the recent primary, that was also the 2nd worst amongst democratic congressional incumbents in California (out of 42), while spending an unprecedented $1.14 million, a historic high compared to any prior election.

Rishi won 127,000 votes in the November 2020 general election - the highest votes for any Eshoo challenger in 30 years. His target for a November win is a total of 150,000 votes.

Time for octogenarian Eshoo to pass the torch

My Top 3 Priorities

Cleanup of Washington
Act on pending issues
Grow our economy
I will push for a cleanup of Washington with term limits, ban congressional insider trading, establish a collaborative problem-solving approach, not divisive partisan politics, with a people-centric agenda, not lobbyist-centric.
I'll get more done in my first two years than others have in decades. It's time to close the chapter on 1992! Crime, Medicare for All, reproductive rights, climate, inflation, traffic and housing are my focus areas.
As the first tech-savvy representative, I will grow our economy, bring American jobs back to restore our supply chain integrity and ensure that our innovation economy will sustain and prosper.
Silicon Valley deserves a tech savvy leader who can get things done

From the Press Box:
The Eshoo vs. Rishi race

She (Eshoo) could face her toughest reelection challenge in 30 years [...] her primary total was the lowest since she won the seat in 1992.

Mark Simon, San Mateo Daily Journal (July, 2022)

We are concerned by the donations she (Eshoo) has accepted from the pharmaceutical industry.

Stanford Daily (March 2020)

Eshoo's campaigns have pocketed more than $1.5 million from employees of pharmaceutical firms and other health care companies. In Congress, Eshoo has consistently voted in favor of the industry.

The Intercept (October 2018)

Anna Eshoo has been in the House since 1993, [...] has done little to serve her district during her 30-year tenure. Four bills have come out of her office. Most were to change the names of post offices.

Matt Grocott, San Mateo Daily Journal (February 2022)

At age 78, with 28 years in Congress, there's been whispers that it's time for Eshoo to retire.

Dave Price, Palo Alto Daily Post (April 2021)

If I am a Democrat, he (Rishi Kumar) gets my vote.

Matt Grocott, San Mateo Daily Journal (February 2022)

Rishi Kumar is the real deal. He will fight for you and will never sell out. You can trust Rishi to get things done.

San Mateo County News Endorsement (August 2022)

I am your crisis-ready Congressional Representative

When the pandemic broke out......I mobilized the calling of 86,000 seniors, helping them by delivering groceries, medications and N95 masks.
When wildfires forced evacuations......I helped neighbors find hotel accommodations and developed a wildfire prevention plan.
When my city experienced a spike in burglaries......I held over a hundred neighborhood meetings that eventually reduced burglaries by almost 50%.
When seniors were hurting because of San Jose Water Company's many rate hikes......I pushed back and defeated nine rate hikes.
When minors - local high school students - were stuck in Europe separated from their parents......I got them reunited with their families.