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Rishi will fight for peace!

America’s defense spending is greater than the next 10 countries combined. We should cut our bloated defense budget, not increase. The new wars are going to be an economic warfare, biowarfare, bioterrorism. America needs to be prepared! Our defense strategy has to evolve, focused upon protecting America and not upon regime change wars. We need to actively pull back from bases all over the world, develop a pandemic preparedness plan and be ready for the economic warfare of the future; protect ourselves from bioterrorism and biowarfare.

Here is Rishi's stand on the Russian-Ukraine situation.

A contrast of two Democrats, Rishi Kumar and Rep. Anna Eshoo

Anna Eshoo

Rep. Anna Eshoo has supported the following U.S wars.

  • Libya (2011)
  • Afghanistan (2003)
  • War on Terror (2001)
  • Balkan Wars
  • Somalia (1995)

$6.3Trillion have gone towards war since 2000. These dollars would be better spent at home and to prioritize the needs of our country. Our failed foreign policy must end and we must get our brothers and sisters out of harm’s way by withdrawing America from ongoing conflicts.

Uptick in Military: Rep. Anna Eshoo voted YES for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020. Spend: President Trump has deployed 15,000 U.S Troops into the Middle East over the last 8 month. Congress just approved a $738 billion military budget, a $22 billion increase over last year. That is a whopping $130 billion increase in the last 3 years. Is this spending justified? Yes, Rep. Anna Eshoo supported this budget increase. Did you know 40 House Democrats voted NO?

Rishi Kumar

Not All Democrats are the same. As your congressman...

  • I will NOT support regime change wars. Bringing America to the brink of war is not necessary considering the challenges we face here throughout America's communities. That’s why it’s so important , now more than ever, for our country that we stand together for peace now.
  • I will seek to limit the Presidential use of force without congressional approval.
  • I would not support increases in the military budget when we have crucial domestic challenges that need to be addressed.
  • I will maintain a stance of keeping Americans safe, out of war, and putting the money to work in America.
  • I will vote to block any federal funding for military action taken for wars without congressional approval.
NOTE: I do commend Rep. Eshoo for not supporting the war with Iraq and intervention in Yemen and Syria

There is no victory in endless war and I will do my utmost.

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