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Rishi on Game Changers Silicon Valley

Here’s an excellent Game Changers Silicon Valley interview providing you a quick a glimpse of my policies:

  • 00:59 How can anyone clean up Washington?
  • 01:58 How will you engage Washington to get stuff done?
  • 03:20 What are your views on early education and STEM?
  • 04:30 How are you planning to address the issues of exodus, housing and traffic challenges here?
  • 08:05 Water, drought… isn’t there anything we can do??
  • 09:00 Homelessness - how can we permanently get people off the streets??
  • 09:45 What are your views on the state of healthcare and Medicare privatization?
  • 12:12 Time to pass the torch for Eshoo. Is there a pecking order in politics?
  • 13:28 What’s your win strategy?
  • 14:11 Eshoo’s Pharma money machine is formidable. How can you refuse to accept PAC and Special Interest Group money and still win?
  • 15:26 Immigrant Silicon Valley CEOs and our success
  • 16:05 War in Ukraine
  • 17:50 Silicon Valley's first tech savvy congressional leader could be Rishi Kumar (and the win plan).