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Covid-19 Challenges

Covid-19 has challenged America in unprecedented ways, and America desperately needs a new kind of patriot to address the complexities of a post-Covid-19 world. By bringing problem-solving and a people-centric mindset to Congress, I will advocate for the everyday American and ensure no one is left behind in this new reality that is emerging.
Here is my plan:

Pro-Future: I will invest in housing, transportation, health-care (with Medicare for All), and combating climate change (with a Green New Deal). I will bring a new data-driven technologically-literate mindset to problem solving.

Pro-Economy: I will prioritize growing Silicon Valley’s vibrant economy, creating jobs and opportunities in the post-Covid-19 world. I will develop a self-reliant supply chain, bring manufacturing back, protect American intellectual property, and reduce our dependency on China.

Pro-You: America’s pandemic response was a colossal failure and I will ensure that it never happens again. I support a new way forward that avoids necessary partisanship and prioritizes common sense solutions, so that we are always making decisions for the future success of America and our citizens. I will chart a course for a future even more glorious than our past. Find the details of my pandemic policy here. Here is our Covid-19 info page.