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PG&E Needs to be Fair

Tariff Unit, Electricity Division, 3rd floor
Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco CA 94102

Dear President Reynolds and commissioners,

“Why should someone buying carrots at the grocery store have to pay more because they also grow carrots at home?” Why is California targeting our solar program with a similar logic?

California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) is failing Californians by gutting the state’s solar program. The big utilities — Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison and Sempra Energy — are pushing the policy change. Clearly, the utilities — and their unions — see the growth of personal solar systems as a potential threat to their financial future.

Please see the petition against this plan - I have signed it.

The proposed NEM 3.0 will compromise the reliability of California’s electricity delivery system, harm California’s effort to tackle climate change and cut jobs and economic opportunities for all Californians. The increased costs and loss of demand for solar also would have made solar less accessible to moderate- and low-income families.

I am against CPUC’s attempt to kill off much of the rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) industry in California. I am against CPUC’s move to slash solar incentives for customers of investor-owned utilities. CPUC is working for these utility companies when they are facilitating a back-door effort to get middle- and working-class homeowners to pay the damage costs of explosions, blowouts and fire damage caused by the utilities themselves.

I am opposed to the CPUC’s proposal to make it more expensive for people to put solar panels on their roofs.

Consumers should not be penalized in any way for making solar at their homes, schools, businesses and houses of worship. California should do more to promote local solar, not less. People need relief from high energy bills, blackouts and air pollution.

Making rooftop solar and batteries more expensive for everyone, especially middle and working class people, makes no sense. It’s the wrong direction for California. Please step in, protect the public interest, promote more rooftop solar for more people, not less.

One final thing - please ask the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety to NOT grant PG&E a provision to raise electric rates to recover its losses from the wildfires for which it was found liable. PG&E hasn’t eliminated the potential for future wildfire problems. CPUC should create a California strategy to prevent future wildfires caused by large utilities by reforming the current model of centralized electricity distribution that centralized power model that sends energy hundreds of miles through often unmaintained and dilapidated power lines over dry, drought-ridden central and Northern California landscape covered in brush and trees that fuel these fires. Please come up with a new plan to protect the citizens of our Golden State.


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