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Youth and Seniors

Youth Empowerment

Empowering our youth with education and opportunities is a very important agenda. I ran entrepreneurship bootcamps for disadvantaged youth and have trained over 2000 young students of California in the art of the startup. I have run the annual Silicon Valley Youth Tech Day for young startup teams - handing out “seed funding” as the ultimate award. Our annual Lego Robotics boot camps have been huge hits with elementary, middle and high school students.

My internship program (city council and now Congressional campaign) has had a few hundred students that have discovered their voice and a path forward in public service.

As part of the California Department of Education Computer Science Strategic Implementation panel, I have helped launch the Computer Science curriculum for public schools K-12 in California, which will go live in 2020. With the help of Silicon Valley high tech and non-profits, I am launching incubation and innovation centers geared towards youth. My plan is to ensure that opportunities in the innovation economy are open to every young person in Silicon Valley.


Senior Citizens & Ageism in the Workforce

Find my senior policy statement here.
As a city councilmember, I voted in favor of Saratoga’s designation as an “Age Friendly City.” I raised much needed for the Saratoga Senior Center by launching a Saratoga’s got Talent Annual competition, that brought the youth together to help our seniors. I will continue to support our seniors in Congress. I will adopt a long-term-care policy to address the largest unfunded need of the Baby Boom Generation as they age. I will roll out federal policies and programs through the lens of combating against ageism to prevent age-based discrimination in the workplace. I will support updating the Family and Medical Leave Act to allow benefits to help those caring for an older relative.

Ageism in the work force