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Five reasons why Rishi

Rishi is poised to win! Here’s why:

  • By the Numbers
    • Polling #1
    • A historic 42.2% of the vote count in November 2022
    • $1.7 million spent in voter outreach without a dime of PAC money or Special Interest Group money
    • 150,000 doors knocked
    • Over 2000 student interns
    • 126,751 votes in this very Congressional district
    • Top-2 twice!
    • 100% grassroots campaign - zero campaign consultants
  • Rishi received 42.2% of the vote in this exact congressional district (Nov. 2022) against a long-term incumbent. Recent polling shows Rishi leading this race! Thanks to a getting-things-done approach, Rishi was reelected in Saratoga with the highest vote count in city history!
  • His congressional campaign emphasis ethics in politics, and has already invested $1.7 million in community outreach, with every dime coming from individual donors. Rishi is the only candidate in this race who pledged to always reject money from PACs and special interest groups. On the city council, Rishi has consistently rejected special interest group money and land developer campaign money

Rishi is an agent of change

He won 42.2% of the vote in the 2022 congressional election against a long-term incumbent. Rishi has achieved this through the power of a grassroots movement, engaging in conversations at 150,000 doors with the help of thousands of volunteers and the involvement of more than 2,000 student interns. Rishi’s ethics-in-politics, clean money campaign - over $1.7 million of clean money invested in voter outreach - is part of a national movement to overturn Citizens United and return elections to the people. Money can’t buy voter’s trust or sway smart voters, people-centric agendas prevail, not glitzy mailers and TV ads


Rishi gets things done

Rishi is the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for the people and winning. He has reduced crime, rejected tax increases, and pushed back against many San Jose Water Company and PG&E rate increases, rejecting many of them. Rishi dropped burglaries by a historic 50% in his city - the highest drop compared to any other Santa Clara or San Mateo County city - and was honored to be reelected with the highest vote in Saratoga's history. Rishi fights for the people, not powerful special interests!


Rishi is NOT a career politician

Rishi isn’t part of Sacramento’s culture of corruption, and he wasn’t hand-picked by power brokers to run for Congress. Rishi Kumar is not a tax-and-spend career politician, but a committed public servant who understands first-hand how difficult it can be to earn a living and raise a family in today’s world. Rishi is the only effective accelerationism (e/acc) candidate in this race, with deep roots in the tech industry and an immersive understanding of Silicon Valley's innovation economy – qualities that are essential for a congressional representative from this region. His role today as a software C-level executive provides him with deep insights into the opportunities and challenges of AI automation and the innovation economy. More than ever, our congressional district needs informed, diligent, tech-savvy leadership.


Rishi has integrity

Rishi is unwavering in his commitment to represent the people faithfully. He will never sell out! His campaign emphasizes ethics in politics. Rishi believes that public service is actually pretty straightforward when you’re not for sale. Truth told, staying bold, never sold!


Rishi leads in the polls

Recent polls show that Rishi is on top in a crowded field of 11 candidates. He’s building on the landmark result in 2022 and is poised to win!

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Rishi Kumar by the numbers

Rishi by the numbers. Burglaries reduced
Rishi by the numbers. 1.4 million in donations
Rishi by the numbers. A grassroots campaign
Rishi by the numbers. Leading the race