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Hindu PAC endorses Rishi Kumar

The Hindu American Political Action Committee (HAPAC) is proud to announce its endorsement of Rishi Kumar in his 2022 bid for the United States Congressional seat representing California’s District 16.

Rishi Kumar, a Silicon Valley technology executive and a current second term Saratoga City Councilmember, delivered a formidable performance in his 2020 Congressional bid against the 30-year Democrat incumbent and a career politician by impressively garnering more votes than any other challenger for this seat over the previous 3 decades, even with the incumbent spending 2.3 times more than Rishi did to ensure a win.

Rishi values the Hindu culture, our teachings and traditions. As a founder of the Saratoga Hindu Temple, Rishi has organized classes such as Bala gokulam, Vedanta, Yoga, meditation, along with celebrations such as Shiva Ratri, Janmashtami, Diwali, Navaratri since 2012. He publicly denounced the Gandhi statue vandalization in Davis, CA. Rishi led an Indian-American elected leaders’ press release denouncing the shooting of the Indian-American engineers in Kansas (2017). He was the only Indian-American elected leader who showed up at a peace rally at San Jose City Hall and spoke firmly against terrorism in South Asia. Rishi has made compelling statements to California’s lawmakers against the inequitable portrayal of Hinduism in California textbooks. In 2019, Rishi was awarded the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) Pride of the Community Award. He strongly opposes any form of hate against any group/religion/community and quite vocally and clearly against rising Hinduphobia. His policies in Congress will be driven by the philosophy that diversity strengthens and improves our society.

Above all, Rishi has proven to be a fearless leader for his community at large. Rishi Kumar is exactly the type of Hindu American leader that is needed in Congress: a passionate and driven individual that stays true to his ideology and values.

Rishi’s campaign is not taking PAC money. Therefore, we strongly urge all HAPAC supporters to please contribute or join Rishi’s campaign by visiting http://RishiKumar.com. If you are interested in discussing Rishi’s run or his political agenda, email info@rishi4congress.com or call him at 408-805-5993.

For more information on Hindu American PAC, visit our website at www.HinduAmericanPAC.com.