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As an immigrant engineer, I understand the value of education as the fundamental component of American success. Yet education in the United States lags behind many countries of the world. We have to fix that. I was on the California Computer Science Implementation Panel that is rolling out a K-12 Computer Science curriculum by 2022. As a Silicon Valley techie, I continue to run an entrepreneurship education and robotics bootcamp to empower our youth with STEM.

As your Congressman, I will work to make education accessible and available. I will support the expansion of early childhood education to give the best possible start to all children. I will continue promoting STEM and entrepreneurship education opportunities for our youth. I will also work to expand vocational, career & technical education, while making public colleges much more affordable. I will propose programs that will provide an opportunity for our high school graduates to be productive in the American workforce, to address the needs of our local economy.

Additionally, I will work to ensure that all schools receive the necessary funding for special education and am in favor of increasing federal funding for the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.