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Town Hall meeting - March 2022

Here are the topics we covered at our March 2022 town hall meeting.

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Please make a campaign contribution today and support my efforts to fight for our future! I rely on supporters like you chipping in, as I do NOT accept corporate PAC contributions - the tainted dark money. Not a dime. Not even a penny. And every time this campaign gets a donation from someone like you pitching in through an email like this one, we're proving that there's a better way to do politics — a way that puts people first. Wouldn’t you want me to spend time auditing HCD, or fighting San Jose Water Company or hosting neighborhood safety meeting than raising funds?

Why is a hi-tech executive involved in politics?

I love a good principled fight - I will always call out the issues - will never play partisan politics, and will fearlessly work hard in the interests of only the people. As a Mechanical Engineer and hi-tech executive reelected with the most votes in Saratoga’s 64-year election history, I reduced crime, defeated 9 greedy utility rate hikes, pushed budget optimization over tax increases, challenged the Housing Element, audited the RHNA numbers, challenged PUC’s gutting of California’s solar program, and stopped the 300-room Mountain Winery hotel development in a high fire-risk, environmentally sensitive zone. You can count on me to work in the interests of people - not those special interest groups.

I will NEVER sell out. That is why the people of Saratoga reelected me with the most votes in 64 years of Saratoga’s election history.

Ballots will start arriving at our homes on May 10th.

I would be honored to have your vote and support