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Innovation Economy

Read my policy overview with Silicon Valley Tech here.
My professional experience in Silicon Valley’s software industry as a business and technology leader has provided me an inside view of Silicon Valley’s innovation economy. In order to grow this economy, address the challenges that wear it down, and create increased gains for our middle and working class, America needs someone who does not share the technological illiteracy of the current political establishment.

Stopping the Silicon Valley flight: A net average of 165 residents left Silicon Valley each month in 2017 — up sharply from the 42 per month who left in 2016, a sharp reversal from 2015, when the region gained a net 24,000. One of my plans to revitalize Silicon Valley in the post Covid-19 world is the 21 Counties in 21 Minutes plan to connect the Northern California Megaregion. My 21 Counties in 21 Minutes plan is the type of vision that America needs to keep pace with our ever-changing technological landscape. By using public transport to bring other counties into range of the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley, we can increase the amount of viable housing in the region, lower housing costs and make California more attractive to skilled labor. This initiative would give more Americans the chance to improve their earnings without being forced into exorbitant housing prices or lengthy commutes. The answer to California’s public transportation problems does not lie with funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into an inefficient system. Instead we should turn to the same technological advancements that brought Silicon Valley into prominence.

Silicon Valley needs a new generation of politicians who are well versed with tech, and keenly interested to solve the big challenges. When voting this November, remember my knowledge of our Innovation Economy makes me the most qualified candidate in this election.


Data Privacy

I support efforts such as The California Consumer Privacy Act that went live on Jan 1, 2020. I support laws such as The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union. I strongly support the Internet Bill of Rights that includes greater transparency along with opt-in for data collection practices and timely notification.

Net Neutrality

I believe that all internet traffic should be treated in an equitable manner without penalizing or prioritizing traffic from any specific domain name, service provider or publisher. We have to have a level playing field for upstarts to challenge the status quo, and Net Neutrality is a key enabler of that. The very future of startup innovation is contingent upon the protection of Net Neutrality.

Other Priorities