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The incumbent has been in political office for 44 years, but heavily influenced by the special interest donors.

Check out the 44-year report card here.

Vote for Rishi and for change on March 5th, 2024.

On your ballot, find U.S. House of Representatives, District 16

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I am an activist, engineer, high-tech executive, and Saratoga's councilmember re-elected with the highest votes in city history. I successfully pushed back 9 San Jose Water Company’s rate increases fighting for a million people. I bring a new vision needed in a post-COVID-19 world. I will expand our Silicon Valley economy, address America's healthcare and reduce our supply chain reliance on China, bring manufacturing back. I will always reject PAC money as my run is for the people. I fight for the people by addressing the tough challenges and delivering results. I reduced Saratoga burglaries 41%. At the debate, I discussed the pragmatics solutions and policy papers, the foundation of my congressional plan. I will get stuff done! I bring fiscally moderate, people-centric leadership; not Left or Right, but Forward.

America’s future is in jeopardy! Lifer, sold-out politicians stay too long, are blissfully out of touch, and play partisan politics to get reelected while gas prices and inflation spikes. We suffer record crime, a declining education system, while draconian mandates like SB-9 facilitate a historical California land grab thanks to the nexus between politicians and land developers. America wants new blood! I will never sell out and I will always fight for the people. Our country’s future demands ethical representation! I would be honored to have your vote on March 5th 2024.