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Your Vote is Your Voice... Every Vote Counts

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Simple instructions below on how to - whether you are a registered voter or not
Questions? Email us campaign@Rishi2020.com or call us at 408 805 5993 - our team is on standby to help you

#1 Are you a United States Citizen that is NOT registered to vote?

For the first time ever in California's history, you can just show up at any polling location or vote center today in your county and vote. Vote today or by 8pm on Tuesday March 3rd
Find your polling location or vote center below

#2 Are you already registered?

How to Vote---two choices. See below

#2.1: Vote By Mail

5 Steps: Just find your ballot (mailed to you in early February), find a blue/black pen, fill the oval as shown in the picture below, sign the outside of the envelope, and mail it - no postage required. Easy! If you cannot find your ballot, or have questions on voting, call your county office.
NOTE: If you haven't received a Vote By Mail ballot you can call your county's Election Department and request one. If you are looking for in-person voting center, please visit my

#2.2 In-person Voting

Find a close by Vote center where you can ask a ballot and vote

****From Santa Clara County
Vote Centers are open! Watch the video below to learn how to vote at a Vote Center, and visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/sccvote for more how-to videos. As of Saturday, February 22, approximately 22 Vote Centers are open early starting 10 days before Election Day. You can vote at Levi's Stadium starting Saturday, February 29, along with the remaining 88 Vote Centers that will be open 3 days before Election Day.

All Vote Centers will be open on Election Day for a total of approximately 110 locations. Visit eservices.sccgov.org/rov for the list of Vote Center locations, dates and hours of operation. Read our latest press release on Vote Centers here: https://bit.ly/3bVJjA0. You have more days and more ways to vote this election, vote now and vote early.