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CA Fires & Climate Change

Here is my policy overview on climate change.
Here is my policy overview on prevention of California fires.
In 2019, ~100,000 acres burned down in California. In 2020 we see a magnitude increase with ~4M acres in California burned down, as of early October 2020. Many urban communities are feeling the threat of evacuation and fire. The unprecedented fire season has already killed 30 people, and burned down thousands of buildings and homes, forcing over 96,000 residents to evacuate - as of early October 2020. Our droughts and dry conditions have exacerbated the problem.

Recently, we have seen rollbacks on environmental measures in the United States, and restrictive climate policies weakened around the globe. Now more than ever, we need the Green New Deal. Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. The science is clear: global temperatures continue to rise, and the world is already experiencing more intense hurricanes, deadly heat waves, wildfires, and droughts. We must take a three-pronged approach to the battle against climate change:

We can’t afford to wait — we must take immediate, bold action to limit the effects of climate change. The United States must lead the world in reaching net-zero emissions by 2035. We must promote and create jobs in a clean-energy economy and build green-energy infrastructure.. I am serious about protecting the environment and that is why I am a vegetarian practitioner with no meat or eggs in my diet. Clean air and water is a basic necessity for all living things. We owe it to our children to take care of our planet.

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Open Space

I am committed to being an advocate for California’s natural open spaces and to preserving and protecting our native wildlife. I am against the development of the Cargill Salt Water site property, which was once underwater and part of San Francisco Bay a century ago before it was diked for salt-making. The Stanford development project demands caution, and we have to address mitigation plans with traffic and housing.

I believe that we need managed housing growth in Silicon Valley. I am not in favor of policies like Senate Bill 50 or Senate Bill 35, which preempt local control for housing developments. There have been cases in Silicon Valley where development was planned on hillsides and a high fire risk zone. This will not only put our environment in jeopardy, the wildlife but also our people. The Mega Silicon Valley vision plan, “21 Counties in 21 Minutes” is a better approach to solve Silicon Valley’s housing and traffic challenges, while preserving our quality of life allowing for economic expansion. Read this blog.