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Democrat Rishi Kumar is a Silicon Valley C-suite software executive and mechanical engineer running for U.S. Congress (CA-16).

Rishi is NOT a career politician –– he’s worked for over two decades in the private sector, even while he fought for people, first as a community activist, and later as a city councilmember. His efforts have successfully reduced crime, taxes, and utility bills, always prioritizing his constituents' needs. He has held influential positions, including as an Executive Board member of the California Democratic Party and on the Governor’s University of California Regents Selection Committee.

Rishi's willingness to tackle tough challenges and deliver tangible results led to his reelection with the highest vote count in the city's history.

Of all the candidates in this congressional race, only Rishi has...

Only Rishi has already received 42.2% of this district’s votes. In the Nov. 2022 election, he won many cities and precincts in our district against an incumbent who’d been in office for decades (now retired). Recent polling by Clarity Labs (the same company used by DNC, DCCC, DGA, DSCC, and DAGA) shows Rishi leading this race.

Only Rishi has a proven record of reducing crime. He lowered home burglaries by 50% in Saratoga, and his approach has become a model for other cities. While others in the race talk about their agenda to fight crime, Rishi has already gotten it done!

Only Rishi had the courage to challenge PG&E’s undermining of California's rooftop solar program and protest their rate increase proposals.

Only Rishi organized his community and successfully rejected San Jose Water Company's many rate hikes. Rishi is an agent of change and has a history of dedicated community service and achieving results –– focusing on the issues that matter to people and getting things done.

Only Rishi has demonstrated foresight in advocating for federal climate and coastal protection initiatives, strengthening the coast’s electrical grid, and enhancing internet infrastructure. He has been a proponent of pushing for broadband to become a utility.

Only Rishi has pushed back tax increases. When his colleagues on the city council proposed a road tax, Rishi instead pushed for budget optimization. The tax increase proposal failed.

Only Rishi has taken a clean money pledge. His congressional campaign has already invested $1.4 million in community outreach, with every dime coming from individual donors. Rishi will always reject money from PACs and special interest groups. His grassroots campaign doesn’t believe in glitzy mailers and TV ads. Money can’t buy trust or sway smart voters.

Only Rishi has real experience in the tech industry and an immersive understanding of Silicon Valley's innovation economy – qualities that are essential for a congressional representative from this region. Our economy has shifted, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence present us with an unknown future. More than ever, our congressional district needs informed, diligent, tech-savvy leadership. Rishi is the only candidate in this race who has taken an AI class in school.

Only Rishi has distinguished himself by organizing a series of free STEM programs for the youth in our congressional district, including ChatGPT application development, Python programming, Lego Robotics, and entrepreneurship bootcamps. His dedication to fostering technical and analytical skills among young people is further exemplified by his role on the California Department of Education Computer Science panel, which pioneered the Computer Science curriculum for K-12 public schools across California.

Only Rishi fights for the people. His goal is to bring a new brand of people-driven politics to Washington, DC. His campaign is powered by grassroots support, and over 2,000+ volunteers have already knocked on more than 150,000 doors in the district. Rishi believes that public service is actually pretty straightforward when you’re not for sale.

It's time to embrace fresh ideas and experienced, ethical leadership. Rishi can win this, at a time when America is pushing back against out-of-touch, long-tenured politicians. Let's send a dedicated tech executive to bring commonsense pragmatism to Washington. Cast your vote soon as ballots arrive starting February 5th. Vote for change! Vote for Rishi Kumar

By contributing to his campaign, you're not just donating to a candidate; you're investing in a vision for a more sustainable, technologically advanced, and inclusive future. Let's rally together to empower a leader who truly represents our values and aspirations. Your support can make a pivotal difference in shaping policies that matter to us all. Be a part of this transformative journey with Rishi Kumar – contribute today and be the change!