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Rishi's stance on California Propositions and Local Measures

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Prop 28

I wholeheartedly support Proposition 28 as a central aspect of my education and youth empowerment platform. Without threatening the state's fiscal integrity or even raising taxes, Prop 28 provides a necessary injunction of funds into an often neglected facet of the school system. STEM is not the only possible career path - and we need to provide arts and music not only to develop appreciation in art and reduce stress in our students, but also illuminate future career options. Especially in disadvantaged communities, which this bill specifically bolsters, the arts and music are not able to be allotted sufficient resources, despite their crucial cultural and societal implications. Redirecting a potent funding source to the arts contributes to a well-rounded education for those who do not wish to pursue it as a career and life-altering support to those with a passion in said field. On the 2022 ballot, Prop 28 was the only proposition to not have an argument submitted against it. It is an obvious choice, with obvious benefits for Californians youth.

Prop 29

This proposal is virtually the same as two previous measures on the 2018 and 2020 ballots that failed. Voters correctly rejected the last two propositions, and they should do so a third time.

Prop 30

This is funded by Lyft, which is spending millions of dollars in an attempt to secure billions of dollars in subsidies from California taxpayers.

Prop 31

Measure O


Measure T


Measure J

(Los Gatos)

Measure V

(Menlo Park)
It’s the right decision for Menlo Park’s future and returns the future of your neighborhoods to the will of the People. Read more on this topic here.

Measure Q


Measure Y


Measure K

(Palo Alto)

Measure L

(Palo Alto)

Measure C

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