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President Biden’s reelection is in peril due to the immigration crisis. Nationally we see major ironclad Democratic cities like Chicago and New York saying enough is enough. We need a legal immigration framework that is transparent. I came to this country as an Immigrant - student visa with 2 suitcases and I found my way through graduate school following a legal process. I am proud to call Saratoga a home today and believe Immigrants have been a strong asset to this country. But we can’t have an unregulated border. We do things legally and we should not be promoting anything illegal at all. It’s the White House imperative on hand and we need to have it fixed yesterday. The Senate much hyped $118 billion border bill, dead on arrival in the House. The border is a flashpoint in the 2024 presidential race and reelection hinges upon a fix. Nothing's imminent though...

Immigrants are the strength of this country. It sickens me to see the human rights violations committed against them at the border, the atrocities of detention camps, and the cruel separation of families that follows deportation. Hearing of unconsented medical procedures upon migrant women in ICE detention centers is shocking! I will do my very best to prevent such abominations from occurring in our country. At the same time, we cannot create a crisis situation at the border as people attempt to jump the border illegally, with hundreds dying tragically during this process.

First and foremost, I will fight to protect immigrant rights in our justice system, and will help engrain them into our economy under an equitable and fair standing. To make immigration more effective, I will strive to address any ongoing issues with our H-1B visa program to restore it to its original intent, protecting all workers from systemic abuses by profit-driven companies, and increasing the pool of talented and high-skilled foreign workers that will further America’s economic success.

We also need to help immigrants take essential steps towards becoming permanent residents. Immigrants are beneficial both socially and economically to America; we need immigration visa reform, including HR 1044, that will increase opportunities for qualified individuals to achieve permanent residency and citizenship in a timely manner.

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