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Canvassing transformed me…

Rishi explains why he walks

I walk therefore I am!

When I am walking, knocking and talking, I am learning the art of communication — the art of the elevator pitch, the art of persuasion, persistence and that of listening.

These soft skills stay with us forever and can help define our success in every aspect of your life.

These skills have influenced my success whether in the corporate world or the world of politics or in the community. A huge game changer!

That is why we canvass every week. Our interns canvass discover an inner strength: shy teenagers discover the freedom of expression. All it takes is that first taste of success at someone’s door.

Life opens up for them!

I vividly remember standing outside the first door I was planning to knock. I was fighting the noise in my head. I was afraid. I was finding more reasons to go back to the comfort of my laptop than to knock.

But my inner self knew that I was stepping into a new world by knocking on that first door.

And I did!

If I had not taken the first step in getting over my fears and knocking on that first door many years ago, I would not be where I am today. I would not have succeeded in the corporate world. I would not be running for United States Congress.

This is an opportunity to extend our comfort zone, experiment, and transform our inner selves.

We can meet people in their environment at their doors by canvassing.I talk to everyone I meet in the neighborhood as I canvass. I talk about things that interest them — whether it’s global warming or getting big money out of politics or their pet. Sometimes I will take the time to break things down the issues that are dragging America down; about the problems and the solutions.

I am getting educated, and at times, educating our neighbors too.

I believe nothing is more powerful than a face-to-face conversation. I still remember the only three people who ever knocked on my door as part of a political campaign. When we knock, we are never forgotten, as not every campaign has the tenacity to get out there and run a strong grassroots campaign.

But we do!

And with that we create a very empowering experience for you!

The before and the after story is a dramatic shift.

This is the reason I have knocked on thousands of doors.

This is the reason why I knock for 3 hours every evening.

This year, I have knocked on more doors than anytime else in my life combined.

It is the time of the day I look forward to.

Great to see you out there! I am a lifelong activist, very comfortable doing community outreach, and it is great that you are sending people out in person!

I walk to become who I will be. I have learned a ton while canvassing. I am learning the power of emotion, of inflection, of pause, of the pitch, and how to feel empathy and persuade. Every year that I have walked, I have felt a change in my communication ability. I have done quite a bit of experimenting during canvassing — to figure out if an exuberant persona is better or a subdued, introspective one. I am constantly trying to discover a better me when it comes to delivering my speeches and elevator pitch.

Remember how you were afraid of doing something new? Once you tried it, that “scary” thing created some fun moments. Canvassing is like that. Find a friend in your canvas city and walk together. You will love it.

I have always try to confront my fears. It is what builds character. We have to get past our fears and find the freedom to do something extraordinary. I want each of you to find your inner courage over the next few months. That is the one thing — you should take away from this fellowship — Rishi

There is a learning curve the first few times you canvass, but once you master it, it will change your life and personality for the better.

I believe this is the best walk of my life so far, every day is an improvement.

I walk 3 hours every day. By November 2022 I will be a radically new person.