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Is Rishi Kumar Batman?

Rishi’s more than just a crime and corruption fighter

Not too long ago Mark Simon from San Mateo Daily Journal asked a great question - Is Rishi Kumar Batman?

Answer: I’m not Batman, though my Ethics-in-Politics run has always been about standing with the people, whether fighting corruption and powerful interests or crimes against the People. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Organized neighbors and fought back against rising burglaries that produced a historic drop unsurpassed by any other city in San Mateo or Santa Clara County history. SOCK!
  • Defeated nine rate increase proposals of the powerful San Jose Water Company who were gouging seniors with frequent rate increases, and sending bogus pipe insurance mailers POW!
  • Called out corruption in the San Mateo County Batmobile scandal and demanded the Sheriff’s resignation. ZOK!

Today - I continue to call for all charges to be dropped against Batmobile-builder Mark Racop, still charged(and forced back in court September 30) and made to travel thousands of miles from Indiana for this Friday's hearing and eventual trial.

NOTE: This statement above was sent as a district wide email on September 26, 2022. San Mateo District Attorney dropped all charges the next day, September 27, 2022.

Find many such "Stories of a Maverick" at my home page. I’ll always challenge the system and do the right thing as your Congressman, rejecting dark corporate money and influence. I’ll always fight for your interests, not special interests and I get things done!

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