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Rishi Kumar's Endorsements for the 2018 Re-election Run to Saratoga City Council


Endorsement Letters for the 2018 Re-election

When there were tough challenges, Rishi took charge. Rishi helped launch more than 50 Neighborhood Watch Programs in Saratoga to make Saratoga safer. Burglaries have dropped 47%. Rishi has pushed back on water rate increases and with the community’s push back, water rate increases have been rejected. Leave it to Rishi to watch Saratoga’s back and always stand for Saratoga. This is the kind of leadership we need in Saratoga. Senator Jim Beall
I commend the consistent, supportive efforts of Councilmember Rishi Kumar in keeping Saratoga safe. His efforts in helping initiate more than 50 Saratoga Neighborhood Watch programs is essential in helping law enforcement personnel with the endeavor of keeping our children and community safe. Working in law enforcement for decades, I support Rishi's re-election John Hirokawa, fmr. Saratoga Captain*, fmr. West Valley Patrol Division Commander, former County Undersheriff

Partial List of Elected Leaders Support for the 2018 Re-election Effort to Saratoga City Council

Note: Titles and Organizations listed below are for identification purposes only.
District numbers represent the districts of 2018.

Senator Jim Beall

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo CD18

Congressman Ro Khanna CD17

Congressman Eric Swalwell CD15

Mayor Sam Liccardo San Jose

Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco (District 5), San Jose

Senator Jerry Hill

Assemblymember Marc Berman AD24

Assemblymember Ash Kalra AD27

Assemblymember Kansen Chu AD25

Assemblymember Mark Stone AD29

County Supervisor Mike Wasserman (District 1)

County Supervisor Cindy Chavez (District 2)

County Supervisor David Cortese Santa Clara County (District 3)

County Supervisor Ken Yeager (District 4)

Saratoga Neighborhood Leadership Endorsements for the 2018 Re-election effort to Saratoga City Council

Note: Titles and Organizations listed below are for identification purposes only

Via Grande Neighborhood Leader Ahmad & Melinda Ghavi Cumberland, Via Escuela

Gardiner Park Neighborhood Leader Ana Pinczuk

President Saratoga Heights HOA Angela Ling

Blauer Drive Neighborhood Leader Annettee Narayan

Former HOA President Anil Nigam Parker Ranch

Saraglen Neighborhood Leader Anoop Kumar

Park Saratoga HOA Neighborhood Leader Archana Kulkarni

Paramount Drive Neighborhood Leader Arun Venkatachari

Saratoga Woods Neighborhood Leader Barbara Dezur

Meadowbrook Neighborhood Leader Ben Connors

Prides Crossing North Neighborhood Leader Bob Swedroe

Chalet Lane Neighborhood Leader Brian Berg

Doughlas Lane Neighborhood Leader B V Jagadeesh

Via Escuela Neighborhood Leader Chakra Srivatsa Via Grande

Wardell Neighborhood Leader Cecilia Tso

Saratoga Woods Neighborhood Leader Chris Vaasquez

Gary Brandenburg

Glenbrae Neighborhood Leader George Mednick

The Bonnie Scots Neighborhood Leader Indira Joshi

Saraglen Neighborhood Leader Jack Chen

Blossom View Neighborhood Leader Jack Mallory

Saratoga Avenue Federated Church Neighborhood Leader Jai Prabakaran

Villa Oaks Lane Neighborhood Leader John Magner

Saratoga Heights Neighborhood Leader Jon Kwong

Hidden View Neighborhood Leader Kalpana Jaswa

Reid Lane Neighborhood Leader Kaliyur Narasimhan

Bucknall Drive Neighborhood Leader Kareem Syed

El Quito Neighborhood Safety Watch Leader Kirti Kandade Nexxus Ventures

Wardell Road/ Arroyo Neighborhood Leader Larry Roben

Park Saratoga HOA Neighborhood Leader Lochan Narvekar

Vessing Neighborhood Leader Manju Banerjee

Saratoga Heights Neighborhood Leader Manoj Goel

Cumberland Drive Neighborhood Leader Micky Kochhar

Blossom View Neighborhood Leader Mike Ziegel

Meadowbrook Neighborhood Leader Milt Wehrman

Chester Avenue Neighborhood Leader Nitin Chandra

Arrowhead neighborhood leader Paul Hansen

Frmr DeHavilland Drive Neighborhood Leader Paul Lovoi

Ten Oak Neighborhood Leader Paula Grassi Charters

Dehavilland Shubert Neighborhood Leader Peggy Stark

Dehavilland Shubert Neighborhood Leader Paul Lovoi

Thelma West Neighborhood Leader Poorva Gupta

Reid Lane Neighborhood Leader Ramesh Sivakolundu

DeHavilland Drive Neighborhood Leader Reinhard Wolters

Saratoga Oaks Neighborhood Leader Robert LoPresto

Saratoga Woods Neighborhood Leader Ron Schoengold

Miljevich Neighborhood Leader Ray Froess

Camino Barco Neighborhood Leader Rishi Yadav

Blossom View Neighborhood Leader Sarang Kirpekar

Horseshoe Drive Neighborhood Leader Shankar Srinivasn

Harleigh Drive Neighborhood Leader Shoba Rao

Reid Lane Neighborhood Leader Sim Narasimha

Bucknall Drive Neighborhood Leader Sreeram Pydah

Fredericksburg Drive Neighborhood Leader Subha Rajana

Harleigh Drive Neighborhood Leader Suzanne Zazzi

Burgundy Way Neighborhood Leader Dr Sunil Ahuja

Ted Miljevich

Miljevich Neighborhood Leader Tina Hubbard

Foothill Elementary Neighborhood Leader Tae Kim

Northampton Neighborhood Leader Vinay Venkatraghavan

Saraglen Neighborhood Leader Vinu Krishnamurthy

Tollgate Neighborhood Leader Yew Jin Lim

LaVista Neighborhood Leader Yin Shih Ten Oak, Juniper

Endorsement Quotes for the 2018 Re-election

Note: Titles and Organizations listed below are for identification purposes only
I support Rishi as he is successful in connecting our neighborhoods, making us a stronger, safer community. Rishi keeps Saratoga up to date with what is going on. I like Rishi specially because he went to bat against the high water rates. Rishi, I appreciate all you are doing for Saratoga and I want you re-elected. Marily White
People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. Kristine Andarmani
Before Rishi was a councilmember I didn't have any idea what the Council did. He works to keep us informed about the water price increases and safety. David Trager
Rishi came into our neighborhood and ran a very informative safety meeting. With the new leadership team he engaged, our neighborhood is planning a block party, planning to put cameras at the entrance based upon a Neighborhood Watch program that we are rolling out. He is the most effective councilmember that I have ever seen in Saratoga who takes charge of critical issues like crime and water B V Jagadeesh and Anu Jagadeesh
Rishi is a shining example of what a true public servant should be. His efforts to keep our community safe and informed have been nothing short of valiant. Michael Malter
Rishi has been instrumental in getting our Neighborhood Watch going. Rishi is one that really gets things done. He rolls up his sleeve, gets to work, doesn’t go away after the job is underway. One of the first councilman that has ever come around and really gotten involved. I really want to endorse him and vote for him. He is a great guy and you can’t go wrong. Ray Froess, Miljevich Neighborhood Leader
Rishi has demonstrated his leadership and devotion to our community through his tireless effort seeking the best interests of our citizens. I am most impressed with his energy as well as the long-term commitment to coordinating the weekly enrichment program in Saratoga community center, and faithfully monitoring important issues affecting our daily life such as neighborhood safety and water bills. Sophia Kao, Trustee Saratoga Union School District
Saratoga needs Rishi's leadership. He gets things done! As our councilmember, he has personally tackled issues such as crime and exorbitant water rates which are critical to every Saratoga resident. I am confident in Rishi's ability to keep Saratoga thriving by being a strong voice on the council and making prudent, wise choices for our community. Please join me in supporting Rishi. Stan Bogosian, Former Mayor of Saratoga
Rishi has been very effective on the city council. He has not hesitated to take up tough challenges for Saratoga and has delivered results. He certainly has enthusiasm and energy, I am not sure how he does it, while working full time in the Software industry and for Saratoga. I like the results he has achieved for neighborhood safety and water. I endorse Rishi’s re-election. Jack Mallory, Former Councilmember of Saratoga
You are doing a fine job helping keeping us safe in Saratoga and would like to say thank you. Ted Miljevich
Thanks again for your leadership in organizing this. We’ve lived in Saratoga for more than 30 years and have never seen such engagement with the community as what you have demonstrated. Well done. Lee Gazlay, Neighborhood watch leader, Brookview HOA
As a 50 year Saratoga resident, I am endorsing Rishi Kumar to be reelected to the Saratoga City Council. He has been active on the council during his first term. He is "out front" on all the important issues today: Neighborhood Watch, Safety, Burglaries, High Water Bills. He is a good communicator and organizer, and possesses "Boundless energy". He is among the best councilmembers I can recall in my 50 years here. He deserves to be reelected for a 2nd term. Bruce Wooley, Saratoga CA, Retired Airline Captain
Rishi, you are so hardworking for all of us! A real watchdog for our community’s safety, health and everything else! Priscilla Ho
We have lived in Saratoga for 50 years and Rishi is the first councilman to be so involved in our city and to be so effective. It is a much safer city thanks to him. Thank you, Rishi. Dimitry and Ludmilla Bobroff
I have been impressed with Rishi's leadership with Saratoga driving critical issues of our community fearlessly towards resolution, willing to take bold steps. I also like how he engages the youth of our community with his internship program - that creates empowerment, awareness and learning opportunity for so many youth of Silicon Valley. Pankaj Manglik
I personally am in awe of your dedication to Saratoga. May you continue to have the energy to serve! Ana Pinczuk, Gardiner Park Neighborhood Leader
Rishi is amazing, how can you not be impressed by his tireless efforts to make life better for all of us. I only wish we could clone him! :) Jody Sorensen
Thank you for your dedicated service, we want you to be re-elected again. Chihwei Chao
Rishi Kumar is the hardest working elected official we have ever voted for. G. and Vasanthi Arjavalingam
Our city has been gifted with Rishi's consistent commitment to keeping our community engaged, energized, involved and informed. In gratitude, Rishi! Peggy Stark, Dehavilland Neighborhood Leader
Hello, Mr. Kumar, my name is Fred Andres, Saratoga resident. I live over on Peach Hill Road. I'm phoning you to congratulate you. I just got my water bill compared to the last year or two years. I know you've worked hard on the water problem. We have with the San Jose water Works doing some gouging and my water bill was much lower this year. I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into that. I know you work very hard on that and I wanted to congratulate you with a personal phone call. Thank you, bye-bye. Fred Andres, Peach Hill Road
Rishi has the hi-tech leadership skills we need on the city council to get things done for Saratoga. I have been impressed with Rishi's tenacity and fortitude as the fearless leader taking on the tough challenges. Ajeet Singh
Rishi Kumar is the kind of City Council Member every city needs. He is approachable and accessible. He keeps two-way commmunication open with his constituents. He is connected with the community. Rishi is getting it done for Silicon Valley, not only as a councilmember of Saratoga stepping up and taking firm action with the top challenges of his city and Silicon Valley like water and crime, but he is also very invested with the youth, leading robotics bootcamp, coding, entrepreneurship bootcamps, Silicon Valley Youth Tech Day, debates and many such youth empowerment events that he offers for free via a non-profit that I have joined and seen first hand. Every community needs a Rishi Kumar in their midst to get things done. Dr Liang Chao, Cupertino Union School District Boardmember
Rishi is one of the hardest working members of the city council I have seen. His relentless efforts have lead to the drop in crime in Saratoga. I am truly grateful for his efforts. Uma Sreedhara
For your re-election, you’ve got it. You’ve done more for all of us than any other council member in the past 45 years and we now rely on you. Great job on keeping Saratoga safe and for getting us organized to try and lower our water rates and then to change water companies. Thank you again for all your hard work organizing the Neighborhood Crime Watch group throughout Saratoga, which makes Saratoga a safer place and a place all of us want to live, and for helping us lower our water rates which makes Saratoga stay beautiful. Suzanne Zazzi, Harleigh Drive Neighborhood Leader
In the 20 years living in Saratoga, Rishi is by far the most active, visible, keeping the residents of Saratoga informed and leading the way for change. He has done yoeman's work in battling San Jose Water in their relentless pursuit and requests for rate increases and in starting the Neighborhood Watch throughout Saratoga. Rishi just gets things done! Bob Swedroe, Prides Crossing North Neighborhood Leader
Rishi is action and results oriented. The typical politician just talks a lot. Rishi is not the typical politician, Rishi not only talks, he listens and follows up with prompt action. His impact on the Saratoga community is immense from reducing burglaries to taking on the water company's price gouging being just a few examples. He is a consensus builder and problem solver! Mike Ziegel, Blossom View Neighborhood Leader
Rishi is a breath of fresh air for our community. He genuinely cares about people, and always steps up to help in any way he can. For example, our daughter was hosting a women in technology conference, Rishi spend time with her helping her think through how to plan the event, get great speakers and market it. This event was featured in SJ Mercury News. In addition to these personal commitments, Rishi is also committed to the larger community - being the voice for all of us and working to effectively solve the challenge of rising water prices and safety in the community. Raj and I personally are immensely proud to have him as our councilman and strongly endorse him for city council. Shalini & Raj Pai
We are very lucky to have Rishi as part of the Saratoga City Council. Rishi cares about our community and act upon all critical issues. Thanks to Rishi's leadership, Saratoga burglary/crime rate has decreased significantly and we can feel safer at our home again. Rishi is also vital in our fight against the unprecedented increase in our water bill and fostering youth's interest in vast areas including Robotics and Entrepreneurship. Rishi genuinely cares about Saratoga and takes the time to know individuals in the city. I am very thankful to have Rishi as our city council member. If you want someone who brings results and actions to his words, vote Rishi! Michelle Lee
Thanks Rishi for all the time and energy you have devoted. You are keeping Saratoga not only safe but engaged. A connected community with many opportunities to speak and listen is the foundation of a strong democracy. The work you do reaches far beyond Saratoga by sending messages and demonstrating a model of what’s right. It’s a wonderful breath of inspiration about valuing diversity and free speech. Happy you are in a position of leadership. Annette Ladowitz
Councilman Rishi Kumar has made it his mission to connect and keep Saratoga neighborhoods safe. His way, super efficient methods helped us start & run our NSW so that we can maintain a vibrant friendly neighborhood. Indira Joshi, Neighborhood Leader The Bonnie Scots
Rishi is totally irreplaceable for Saratoga! Cecilia Tso, Neighborhood Leader Wardell/Arroyo
Rishi's heart is with Saratoga. Donna Muzzy
Thank you Rishi, rejection of san jose water rate increase and high water bills. Farokh M
Councilmember Kumar is very knowledgeable and informative. He is always ready to help us; and we can see that he really cares about the City. Jon Kwong, Neighborhood Leader Saratoga Heights
There are 3 reasons I endorse Rishi Kumar for re-election. First, his tireless efforts to reign in San Jose Water's unfair billing practices and incessant rate increases. If you are unaware of how SJW departs from other water companies billing practices, you should visit Rishi Kumar's website to learn more, especially if you are one of the many being penalized while conserving water! Secondly, his commitment to achieving crime free communities by implementing neighborhood watch programs throughout Saratoga. Thirdly, Rishi's proactive communication to inform and educate Saratoga residents about their city. To me, Rishi truly seems to care about Saratoga and making it a great place to live. John Magner, Villa Oaks Lane Neighborhood Leader
I am happy to endorse you for the outstanding leadership and initiatives you have done for Saratoga! Let me know how I can help. Yew Jin Lim, Neighborhood leader Tollgate
Rishi Kumar has been relentless in his commitment to improving the security and quality of life in the community. Rarely has a city official been as visible, responsive, dedicated and selfless in his quest to fulfill the trust he has been given by the voters of Saratoga. George Mednick, Glen Brae Neighborhood Leader
As a longtime Saratoga resident, I have seen Rishi works tirelessly on behalf of his constituents. He has been a fearless resource for our community on issues of improving neighborhood safety, leading the effort to oppose unfair surcharges by the San Jose Water Company, keeping us informed via frequent newsletters and emails, neighborhood updates/training on key issues, developing our youth through his internship program, and so many other areas. I don't know where Rishi gets the time and energy, but we are deeply appreciative of all that he has done for Saratoga. I look forward to his continued service. Ben Connors, Neighborhood Watch Captain, Saratoga Meadowbrook
Committed to Keeping Saratoga Great. Ray Muzzy
Rishi provides the Silicon Valley exuberance that is needed by our Saratoga leadership to drive initiatives forward to address our community concerns and aspirations, with timely communications on progress, challenges and ultimately with results. David Mcintyre
Thanks for all you do for us Saratogans.In my 35 or so years of living here I have never seen a better, more active effort on Saratoga's behalf. Ellen Green Mastman
I appreciate what you are doing for Saratoga and you are the kind of leader we want for our community. I fully support you re-election for Saratoga City council and want you re-elected! I would like to get a sign of you to put on my front yard and promote you to our neighborhood. Judy He
Rishi has been an exceptional and indispensable City Councilman for all of Saratoga. He has been the leader in improving security for all of Saratoga’s residences and been very instrumental in the formation of most of our many Neighborhood Watch organizations. And, he has long been concerned with resisting the incessant exploitation of all of us by San Jose Water Co. He is concerned about real problems faced by all Saratoga households, and I am sure he will continue to be an excellent representative to resolve these issues. Milt Wehrman, Neighborhood Leader, Saratoga Meadowbrook
Rishi Kumar has been an outstanding member of the Saratoga City Council. He has strongly supported the Neighborhood Watch Program with over 60+ now active in HOAs and neighborhoods. This has made Saratoga a much safer city. The drought surcharge was continued by San Jose Water after the drought was over and multiple requests for new permanent rate increases by San Jose Water were initiated. Rishi has shown strong leadership in achieving removal of the drought surcharge and in fighting against continuous attempts by San Jose Water to raise rates. Rishi has been an outstanding Council member for Saratoga and has put in countless hours to make our city one of the best in Santa Clara County. I am very proud to strongly endorse Rishi Kumar for re-election to the Saratoga City Council. Robert LoPresto, Saratoga Oaks, Neighborhood Leader
Rishi has been very dedicated in improving the Neighborhood Safety Watch Programs, attending almost every NSW launch meeting to answer questions/ concerns from residents. His leadership skills and communication style help to build a sense of being connected in this beautiful community. He leaves no area unexplored and tries to stay proactive in creating awareness about the key issues and brainstorming options to mitigate/ eliminate those. Wishing him the very best in the forthcoming election! Jai Prabakaran, Saratoga Neighborhood Watch Leader
Very responsive to citizen requests for help. The most responsive member of the city council of those I have approached. Has lived up to the commitments he made during his last campaign. Srikant Gokulnatha
Rishi’s deep commitment to Saratoga, his passion, dedication and boundless energy to everything he does within the community really impressed me. He listens to the people, voices their viewpoints, takes the actions to resolve the issues in the community. He is an independent thinker, a doer, and the great city council. We have no doubt that Rishi will continue to be a terrific, conscientious representative for our city of Saratoga. Rui "Rita" Cao, Saratoga High School PTSO Leadership
I would be more than happy to endorse you in your reelection bid. And, I’d be glad to speak with some of our neighbors on your behalf. It was through your efforts that we were able to fix the traffic signal timing at Wardell and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road as well as launch the Neighborhood Watch Program. Larry Roben, Wardell Road Neighborhood Leader
Councilmember Rishi Kumar has gone above and beyond in addressing the recent spate of burglaries in Saratoga. He has created a communication forum (SafeSaratoga Facebook page), published invaluable home safety tips and helped over 60 neighborhoods set up Safety Watch programs this past year. He is actively engaged with the community on many current issues and provides weekly updates to keep us informed. I wish more community leaders were as dedicated to their constituents as Mr. Kumar! Chakra Srivatsa, Cumberland, Via Escuela Neighborhood Leader
You are an inspiration to many! Your leadership and commitment to your community is admirable. Sharan Kaur, New Haven Unified School Board Trustee
Yes! He's totally engaged and works really hard for our benefit. Edward Benham Miller
Rishi has addressed thefts/burglaries in Saratoga very effectively by evangelizing neighborhood safety watch. His relentless neighborhood meetings resulted in awareness and motivated the communities to come together to form neighborhood watch groups. Subha Rajana, Fredericksburg Neighborhood Leader
I really enjoy your newsletter updates. By the way, you have done an exceptional job and you have my full endorsement Lisa Beatty
I am glad to endorse Rishi Kumar for the upcoming City of Saratoga council elections. As a council member, Rishi has put in significant effort to drive matters related to safety and security of the neighborhoods and rising water prices. Rishi provides solid leadership to the community. Sanjay and Sonar Thekdi
I enthusiastically support Rishi Kumar for Saratoga City Council. He has done an excellent job of communicating with those in my neighborhood, both in person and via newsletters. He has worked on our behalf to reduce water rates and increase neighborhood safety programs. Sandy Queen
Mr Kumar has been instrumental in bringing the community together to address some of the very important challenges we face, such as the proposed rate increase by San Jose water company, or the neighborhood safety watch program. Without his involvement i don't believe I would have neither been informed or participated in such worthy causes. Arun Venkatachar, Paramount Drive Neighborhood Leader
I support Rishi Kumar's re-election to City Council. He cares about things that I care about like solving the unfair water situation and developing STEM kids. I also appreciate that he enthusiastically promotes the arts and neighborhood safety." -Michelle McIntyre, Saratoga business owner and long-time active community volunteer, award winning nonprofit volunteer and Eagle Scout Mom I have been following Rishi's activity for a year now. He is motivated, action oriented, high-energy and extremely dedicated to the causes he supports. In particular, keeping Saratoga safe and the water hike issue. He keeps his team informed and empowered with the actions they can take. Great people leader and a thought leader as well. Learning a lot from him. Manju Banerjee, Neighborhood Watch Leader
Rishi was instrumental in getting Video cameras on both enterances to De Havilland. This has greatly increased the safety of our neighborhood. With out his leadership I doubt if it would have occurred. Lance Agee
Mr Rishi Kumar has kept us all up to date with key issues that are near and dear to us (SJC water, Saftey, ..) Chaluvadi Sridhar
Keep fighting the good fight! Wishing you all the best in the election. Kyle Penuen
Rishi is fighting San Jose Water Company high bills and rate increase. Sina Mehra
Thank you for your dedicated service to our community. April Tilles
Rishi is the true champion standing for Saratoga and the Saratogans- be it controlling the crime, or the water prices, or setting up (STEM) classes for our children, or just bringing the spirit of holidays alive! Rishi has done such a commendable job in each day of his first term! Here’s to his success for a second term. Feel honored to endorse Rishi Kumar for Saratoga City Council! Gurdeep Chawla
I believe Rishi Kumar is doing a fantastic job Nilima Malhotra
Rishi is an outstanding Council member for the City of Saratoga. He is passionate and driven to make a big difference for the community. His ability to multi-task and drive several challenging efforts simultaneously is commendable. In the last four years he has increased safety of our neighborhoods, campaigned strongly against San Jose Water company for removal of surcharges and dismissal of rate increases, has created many free education programs for our children and brought people together to go after a common cause. Rishi is a very compassionate soul with high ethics. Sreeram Pydah
Rishi is truly our representative. He has helped so much with the outrageous water bills. He has the interests of the city at heart. Mary Nordmeyer
Rishi deeply cares about Saratoga and doesn't shy away from solving tough problems that our community faces. Rachna and Prijest Patel
Rishi has been very pro-active in fighting unfair billing practices and rate increases of SJ water company. Haideh Karkhanechi
His role in fighting unfair billing and rate increases of SJ water is important. Farokh Mehran
Rishi Kumar is a mindful, compassionate and action-oriented leader we should all get behind. It is in our best interest to do so! Rahul Kamath
Yes Please Reelect Rishi, he is The Best for Saratoga!! I appreciate your generosity of giving, sharing, caring, engaging, inviting community service and helping each other on conversation and safety awareness, together in strength to promote wellness, healing and Peace!! You are making a huge difference in all of our Lives!! Leslie Butlar
Rishi Kumar as Councilman in Saratoga is one of the most effective leaders in the Bay Area by responding to the priorities of the residents of our City. He has been the leader in pursuing improvements in the water shortage crisis, availability of alternative energy resources, safety and security and education. Cindy and Richard Previte
Rishi has been instrumental in raising awareness on crime prevention. He has provided the residents of Saratoga valuable tips in this area. He has worked tirelessly to prevent the hike in water rates and many other such activities. Vinu Krishnamurthy
Compared to ....✂ ✂ ..>, Rishi is more active and more willing to help the community. His efforts should be acknowledged. Yung-Chin Chen
Rishi has been working tirelessly over the past couple of years to address the Saratoga safety issue. He led the safety watch meeting that we hosted at our home last year and provided excellent and specific tips that we could all use. He also shared data and statistics that were quite eye opening. Thank you Rishi! We appreciate your commitment to the Saratoga community. Geetu and Harinder Singh
Deeply appreciative of his spearheading the rejection of rate increases by San Jose Water Company, seeming tirelessness in enhancing Saratoga’s safety, and keeping the community informed. Edward Miller
I trust Rishi. Sina Bigdel
Rishi, you have done great work for Saratoga in the last term with many new initiatives. Looking forward to your next term. Pravin Madhani
Rishi is a Council member for all of Saratoga addressing issues of our community with passion. Bringing together everyone in building Saratoga is his passion. When it comes to issues like safety, ever increasing water bill Rishi is always there fighting for all of us. Niladri Desarkar
Rishi has worked tirelessly for Saratoga, for as long as we've been here. We support him and his exemplary leadership. Manish and Rani Singh
Rishi truly cares about building a great community and environment for the city of Saratoga. Sweta Patel
May you win. You have made a big impact on crime and water issues and fought hard for residents. You are doing community service while other politicians do developer service. May other politicians take a page from your book. Santosh Rao
Best wishes ! Of course your community involvement and activism will easily get you the next term. Raj Chahal
Councilman Kumar has been working consistently to improve safety of Saratoga on a number of fronts from bringing the community together to engaging creative solutions from the tech industry. Thank you councilman Kumar! Sreen Kosireddy
Persistent, resourceful, hardworking Councilman who is doing great things to improve Saratoga by pursuing the challenges facing us like crime, water bill hikes and safety. Farida Rahman
Rishi Kumar does a great job in keeping us informed of the issues that are looming, how we can participate, and seeing the issue through to resolution. He is an asset to our community. Vikram Venkatraghavan
One of the most energetic, passionate and dedicated leaders of Saratoga. Thanks for all your efforts on Saratoga safety and water issues. Anoop Kumar, Neighborhood Leader, Saraglen
He has fought for issues that touch our day to day lives, he is a go-getter. Deepti Mangal
He is the one who cares. Firozeh Vasseghi
Rishi Kumar has been game changing as council member. His commitment to all causes and issues and his persistence to solve them have likely never been seen before. We are thankful to Rishi for helping with the water issue, crime issues, cell tower issue besides all the other million things he does. Rishi, we thank you! Poorva Gupta, Neighborhood leader Verde Vista
Rishi has given me, as well as dozens of additional youth around Saratoga, the opportunity to gain involvement in community engagement and civic service as adolescents. He has also tirelessly worked to stay attentive to the needs of the citizens of our town. Whether it be neighborhood crime or water prices, Rishi has done a superb job to impact our community positively and service its people. Rohan Mehrotra (Saratoga Youth)
Rishi worked very hard for one of the things that was important for me: Break-ins happening in Saratoga. He launched 50+ neighboor safety watch programs and as a result we have seen fewer break-ins thanks to his suggestions (and of course help of the sheriff office). Going neighborhood to neighborhood discussing best safety practice is not a small task. Thank you Rishi, for making us feel safe. Jayshree Desai
Councilman Rishi Kumar is a dedicated and hard-working public servant. He truly understands issues important to Saratoga residents such as safety and exorbitant water rates and has worked hard to address them. He also works hard to communicate city-wide and make Saratoga feel like a community. Rishi is a great asset to Saratoga and has my whole-hearted endorsement for re-election. Sandeep Jain, Secretary, Saratoga Measure B Oversight Committee
Rishi is the only council member who seems to care about my neighborhood, Saratoga Woods by helping us solve our problems with the Santa Clara Valley Water District and the San Jose Water Company. Lenny Pollak
We both are so impressed with the tireless effort on Rishi’s part in keeping us all informed working to make Saratoga a safer and better place to live. Nathan and Joyce Mitakides
Rishi is truly committed for the betterment of the community. Some of the key things he drove are neighborhood safety programs, keeping the community closely connected and fighting for the causes that improve our lives significantly. Surya Hotha
Rishi is hands down the hardest working councilman in Saratoga. The passion, zeal, and perseverance with which he battled SJ Water rate increase, monitored city security, and championed neighborhood block parties is a testament to the deserving representative he has been! He has our unqualified and enthusiastic support! Please join us in getting him reelected !! Vini and Kittu Kolluri
Rishi has been effective in partnering with the Saratoga community and understanding the pain points. The fight against SJWC for it’s unfair billing, the fight against burglaries for a safer community have been effective. In the next 4 years, I would like one of our focus areas to be sustainability and green living! Neeti Soota
Rishi is a people's person who wants to help anyone and everyone. The day we moved to Saratoga several years ago, Rishi and Seema were one of the first people to give their helping hands and to invite us open heartedly to this great Saratoga community. One of Rishi's many accomplishments was this "block captain for 6-7 houses" concept that he piloted and successfully scaled across many micro-blocks within Saratoga. I am very happy and excited that Rishi is running again for Saratoga City Council and we need such fearless, committed and dedicated leaders who care and work 24/7 towards improving the lives of others in the community! Ashok Sarathy
As a fairly new resident of Saratoga I am delighted to see a leader so involved in the community activities and well being. Thanks to his leadership we have many issues such as water rate hikes and neighborhood safety tackled successfully. Council member Rishi Kumar with his progressive agenda is paving the way in getting the community members, including the youth, involved and giving a voice to the Saratoga residents. Tanu Suri
I have know Rishi Kumar for many years. He is one of the hardest working elected official that I know. His energy and commitment to Saratoga residents is immense. Rishi is a data-driven councilman, who supports all his decisions with data at the same time his approach is very collaborative. I recommend Rishi for his re-election to the Saratoga council without hesitation. Vinay Murthy
Allow me to congratulate you on keeping all of us in Saratoga abreast of events and updates concerning all of us on a regular basis. Something I never experienced before after having lived here for many years. Many thanks for your good work and service my friend. Asghar Laique
He has worked so much harder than all others standing - just look at his efforts to bring the water bills down & San Jose Water to task. Hemant Kirpekar
Rishi's service to the Saratoga community has been simply outstanding. Thank you very much for working hard to bring our community together and for advocating for a safe and vibrant Saratoga. Niti and Naren Agrawal
In my 7 years in Saratoga, no other council member has been so engaged in helping the community. Sumeet Singh
I truly believe that Rishi Kumar is the right leader for Saratoga. Here are just some very few important points out of many: 1. He gets the job done, many many examples here. Water, Safety, neighborhood watch, and many many more. 2. He has brought the community togther by initiating and driving numerous events, like Saratoga got talent. 3. He truly cares about Saratoga and helps immensely to inspire and encourage youth by organizing entrepreneurship clubs, coding workshops etc. 4 List goes on… Yogesh Shah
I have known Rishi for over 10 years and highly endorse Rishi for his vision and leadership to keep Saratoga thriving! I am truly impressed of his ability to network at Bay Area and even State Level to benefit Saratoga. Not only he has a vision and passion, he is persistent and hard working to drive those endeavor to fruition. Hina Shah
Rishi Kumar, you are the best candidate for this post and we wish you the best for getting re-elected! You have been having a great impact on our community, whether it is through your neighborhood safety watch efforts (I believe more than a few dozen from the time we launched the first one), or championing city infrastructure upgrades - so thankful for the protected left on the traffic light at Wardell/De Anza as well as the repaving of parts of Arroyo, as well as a great spokesperson for the community whether it be Safe Water or Education - we are very proud to have you represent the Saratoga community!! Keep rocking Rishi Kumar and keep setting the path ablaze with new initiatives to bring the community together!! Mohana Narayan
You are an inspiration for the Silicon Valley.. Your contributions for Saratoga community can be role modeled for all our Bay Area communities. Take a bow.! Vote for Rishi Roja Valleru
Please re-elect Rishi Kumar - he is the best for SARATOGA Dilip Konidparti
Rishi, proud to have you represent us as our council member and go-to person for any issues in our community! Rashmi Verma
You did a great job on holding down water rates. Kudo Dipankar Sarkar
Yes Rishi, we are 100% with you. You are doing an awesome job in every sphere! Suchismitaa Hazra
I am so thankful for the work Rishi has done in bringing the community together and for the tireless work he has done in raising awareness on various aspects in the community including safety and water pricing. Delighted to support him for 2018 Saratoga City Council election. Nipun Agarwal
Can't think of a better candidate than Rishi Kumar for re-election. You’ve done more for Saratoga than any other council member in the past. Wonderful effort on your part to try and lower our water rates and then to change water companies. Thank you again for all your hard work organizing the Neighborhood Crime Watch group throughout Saratoga, which makes Saratoga a safer place as is clearly evident by the burglary numbers going down.Thanks again for all you do for Saratoga. Shivani Gupta
Rishi is a true leader and works tirelessly to make Saratoga a well respected and highly desirable community to live in. The results are clearly showing. Rishi has spearheaded and lead many safety programs and we are seeing reduced crime in Saratoga. He has fought for many initiatives like the protest against the water increase and many others. He continues to keep the community vibrant by ensuring and planning activities for all age groups. We are very fortunate to have a leader like Rishi take such an active role in making Saratoga one of the finest cities in the bay area. Vinu Krishnamurthy
With Councilman Rishi Kumar, it is for the first time that we feel that we actually know a member of the city council! Rishi is intelligent, communicates, listens, takes action and follows up. He spends a lot of his personal time developing relationships with the people in the city to understand their concerns and wishes. Prince Kohli
I have personally and politically known Rishi Kumar for several years now. He has been making enormous contributions to the city of Saratoga and has made his presence felt due to his sheer hard work and commitment to many causes. His recent focus on SJWC water rate issue, the drive to make Saratoga safe and the creation of multiple social/education platforms are some of the highlights of his long list of achievements. What I really like about Rishi is his tremendous drive, motivation and focus to pursue and get things done. Rishi should certainly be re-elected to the city council. He has and will continue to do an awesome job for Saratoga. Rajan Mehra
Rishi’s vision for our community is exciting & his energy & zest to pursue that dream is contagious! His notable work exemplifies his passion. We need more leaders like him! Leena Manwani
Within short time-frame Rishi has championed various causes and activities that benefit our community. Rishi has abundance of energy and dedication to bring improvements all around us. He is an amazing person! Sandeep Mangal
Councilmember Rishi Kumar has been doing much for the community recently and over the years. His collaborative work in enhancing the safety of the city during the spate of burglaries in the past year, his leadership during the water situation challenge, his regular communication and contact with the community have all been hallmarks of a dedicated leader. Thanks Rishi! Kaliyur Narasimhan
Thank you Rishi for your generous service to ensure a better community for all of us. Shishir Mehrotra
Rishi has taken leadership in key concerns in the community such as home security, water and utility pricing, among others. His priorities are spot on for issues that normal residents don't have either the time or resources to act on. I endorse this kind of leadership which focusses on doing rather than talking. Vinay Venkatraghavan
Rishi's contributions to the Saratoga community has been exceptional. I am proud of his commitment and hard work to resolve some of the major issues the community is facing. Keep up the good work. Krishan Katikaneni
Rishi Rocks! Word "Rishi" means a Saint or a Sage. While he is no saint ( :-) ), Rishi has demonstrated the wisdom of a sage. In last 4+ years of our association, I have seen him grow in stature simply by executing on behalf of our community. I have been a fan of his drive, enthusiasm, community commitment, disruptive ideas and social experiments. I endorse Rishi to serve our community as our City Council member for another term. Parmeet Chaddha
We're very excited to see you get elected again as a City council member of Saratoga and wish you all the best! We would love to support you by putting up the sign of your name in our front yard. You have been an amazing councilman putting the safety and security of the Saratoga residents as a first priority and raising the voice against the San Jose water company for the rate increase, along with so many other things such as encouraging youth community by holding many knowledge filling free sessions on weekends.... Always happy to support you! Shubhangi Kapatkar
Rishi is a Council member for all of Saratoga addressing issues of our community with passion. Bringing together everyone in building Saratoga is his passion. When it comes to issues like safety, ever increasing water bill Rishi is always there fighting for all of us. Niladri DeSarkar
I most admire Rishi for his selfless volunteer work in bringing the events for kids of all ages and there I acquired respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence, and dedication to a great cause. I have never seen someone who brings so much energy passion and intellect to any topic, event or conversations. Be it Local issue or be it Global, Rishi has a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation. He exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Monica Mehta
Rishi truly cares for not only Saratoga, but entire Bay Area, We are so luck to have a leader who care for citizen and their welfare, and is not afraid to raise/tackle difficult questions/situation. Rishi and Seema Thank you for everything you do, Bay Area is lucky to have you. Sarita Agrawal
It gives me great pleasure to endorse the candidature of Rishi Kumar for a second term as Saratoga City Council. He effectively spends a significant amount of time and effort in working and giving back to the community he serves in more ways than one. He is thoughtful and seeks out and supports new ideas including nonprofit initiatives. Above all he is very approachable and engaged, well spirited and an enthusiastic member of the Saratoga community. Continue inspiring us Rishi Sangeetha Lakshminarayan
May you win. You have made a big impact on crime and water issues and fought hard for residents. You are doing community service while other politicians do developer service. May other politicians take a page from your book. Santosh Rao
As an Immigrant, Teacher, Activist, and Humanitarian I was appalled by the increase in hate crimes that have rocked our nation since the November 2016 elections. I approached Rishi and proposed a "Youth for Humanity" program where we work towards creating positive change by integrating "One act of kindness at a time''. Rishi not only supported the idea but he went the extra step enabling us to integrate the program at Saratoga Community Center. He further encouraged us by providing us with booth space at the "San Jose Tech Fair". Rishi is an extraordinary, compassionate, community leader with unwavering support and spirit for uplifting others. I wholeheartedly endorse Rishi for the Saratoga City Council. Rakhi Sachdeva
Rishi is a role model as a parent, a husband, a neighbor, and most importantly as a true friend. His combination of heart, discipline, sincerity, drive, and care is the perfect recipe for helping our community. Rocky Aroda