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Rishi Kumar’s Accident in Cupertino on September 26th 2019

December 5th, 2019

Rishi Kumar was involved in an accident in Cupertino on Wolfe Road during rush hour traffic at a signal light with traffic almost standstill and minor auto damages. The incident was finally resolved as a non-moving violation and no points were assessed against Rishi Kumar’s driving record. At the time of the incident, Rishi had a driver’s license with zero points on his record.

Multiple coverages by many online and print media were not taken to this final outcome as it was probably a nonstory.

The details and conclusion can be reviewed by clicking on any of these links below

The police report notes that Kumar was going roughly 5 mph when the accident occurred. There were no injuries involved. Insurance claims were immediately settled. Rishi did not mention his elected leadership status at any point of the process, letting it play out.

"I was involved in a traffic accident on Sept. 26. On Dec. 3, the incident was resolved as a non-moving violation. The original charge commonly known as hit and run was dismissed. My sincere apologies to anyone affected by this matter"

"[Kumar] intended to stop in the nearby parking lot to exchange information because he did not want to be in traffic," the incident report said. "[Kumar] made a hand motion at Driver 2 to indicate to Driver 2 to make a right turn into the Hilton parking lot. ...continue reading the details in the links above"

Note: Rishi Kumar has been a teetotaler all his life and has never smoked anything in his life.