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Gun Reform

Rishi wants to stop the meaningless deaths

It's not mental illness or broken families - America has a huge problem and it's senseless deaths, little children dying and it's shattering communities nationwide. And it is like Groundhog Day!

Thoughts and prayers aren't enough, they never were. It's time to take action and pass commonsense gun reform, NOW!

With overall rates of violence increasing across the country, increased measures must be taken. There are more firearms than citizens of the United States. Nearly every European country and ally of the US has both lower rates of gun violence and stricter laws. It is essential to the safety of our country.

We need a way out of this madness. It is time we stopped the sale of assault weapons in the United States.

Anna Eshoo has proposed nothing in more than a decade - she thinks loud tv noise is more important than gun deaths. Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose, called out the failure of Congress - "We are tired of waiting for Congress to act. To confront the scourge of escalating gun violence in our nation, we need bolder, more impactful, and more creative solutions than the half-measures that have emerged from Congress.” Yes, Anna Eshoo is part of this failure.

It is a bipartisan effort - we should come together as elected leaders to decrease the violence at home.

Why is Eshoo accepting gun money?

Amid Eshoo’s tanking voter support, she has launched a deplorable smear attack against Rishi Kumar.

  • Anna Eshoo’s sharp drop - currently at 35% based on a recent polling, compared to her norm of 72% in prior years - indicates a path to a colossal loss in the upcoming November election. Eshoo is clearly beginning to grasp at straws and she has launched a desperate smear attack against rising Rishi. Rishi is a pacifist whowill fight for peace and who has taken a pledge to never accept special interest group money.
  • Eshoo accepted money from gun systems manufacturers, and she now uses irresponsible imagery of a little girl pointing a handgun at her own face to “attack” Rishi. Every year, 7,957 children and teens are shot in the United States but incumbent Congressional leaders like Anna Eshoo have failed American children of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and many more: Here is Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose - “..now-common horrific reports of shootings throughout the nation do little more than elicit a performative parade of prayers and platitudes from Congress.” That is the status quo Anna Eshoo supports.
  • For decades, Eshoo has never lifted a finger to protect school children from gun violence. Is the weight of her donors holding her back? Eshoo has only sponsored 4 (trivial) bills in three decades, but deceptively claimed 50 bills - including bills sponsored by others, and even bills that were never signed into law. Eshoo has accepted $4 million from Pharma/Healthcare companies, Washington lobbyists and gun systems manufacturers. She is a Democrat who is in the pocket of special interest groups. There are no Republicans in this race.

Eshoo’s smear campaign has troubling imagery…

..an image of a toddler pointing a handgun to her face. No child should emulate this, and any teacher that used this image would likely be sanctioned. I vehemently condemn the use of this appalling imagery in any context, let alone a political campaign.

This irresponsible, provocative attack comes from a Congressional Representative who sat on her hands for decades - not only doing nothing to prevent the growing gun violence epidemic, but but receiving money from manufacturers of gun systems. We saw this before with Eshoo’s Big Pharma donors whose greed killed millions during the Opioid crisis. They bought her silence - while she chaired the House Health Subcommittee! What a conflict of interest!

The difference between Eshoo and Rishi

Eshoo has always chosen to work at the behest of Washington lobbyists and special interest groups. Rishi fights for YOUR interests. Not Special interests!

Eshoo has repeatedly failed to address deaths of children in schools. Eshoo’s attack ads against Rishi are toothless - instead, it highlights Eshoo’s failure in actually getting things done.

Rishi is never about political posturing

Rishi's political agenda has always been to find real solutions for your tough challenges - not half-baked, ill-conceived political posturing. Unenforceable laws with little relevance beyond the buried archives they are contained within do not just signify political grandstanding, but political failure.

Clean money is Rishi’s driving agenda: Rishi will NEVER accept money from Pharma,the NRA, or any other gun systems manufacturer like Eshoo has. On the city council, he has always rejected money from real-estate developers. Rishi’s intention is meaningful problem-solving and never about “activity for the sake of activity” - a mantra which he has repeated numerous times when analyzing policies and outcomes at city council meetings.

Rishi getting the blessings of a Buddhist monk at the Pema Osel Ling Monastery

Rishi is a Pacifist

Rishi is a pacifist who regularly visits Buddhist monasteries, advocates for veganism, and believes in peaceful coexistence, always willing to fight for peace. When Foster City was culling wild geese, he was the first elected leader to speak up against it - “It is inhumane and I protest vehemently against the geese cull. Seriously - the city is going to break their neck? This is not a solution or an option in this day and age. I am against goose cruelty and for peaceful coexistence with wildlife”.

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