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Defending our Democracy

I will always fight to protect our Democracy. My response, if anyone violates the constitution through decisions and actions, will be unequivocal and determined. Upholding the Constitution is the bedrock principle of our democracy, and any breach (by anyone) must be met with rigorous accountability. I will advocate for and support all necessary legal and congressional measures to address the violation promptly and effectively. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting investigations, endorsing appropriate legislative responses, and, if warranted, backing impeachment proceedings. My commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law is unwavering, and I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that all actions taken by those in the highest offices of our land are in full compliance with our foundational principles. Protecting our democracy and maintaining the integrity of our Constitution will always be my utmost priority.

In Congress, I will fiercely protect our democracy, safeguard voting rights, protect the integrity of our elections and purge dark money from our political system. Here is my agenda to protect our democracy:

  • Push for free and fair elections on all fronts.
  • Ensure voting is easily accessible while ensuring deceased voters and voters who moved have been taken off the voter rolls, mitigating any attempts at voter fraud.
  • Allow a Voting Day public holiday and allow for a vote-by-mail electoral process.
  • Stop the dark tainted money of corporate interests from influencing elections and subverting our democracy.
  • End Citizens United.
  • Continue the support of efforts like Proposition 18 in 2020, to allow 17 year-olds to register to vote if they were 18 years old by the general election.
  • Continue the support of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, HR 1, the For the People Act, and the Protecting Our Democracy Act.
Other Priorities