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Rishi Rejects San Jose Water Rate Increases

Rishi's success pushing back

  • CPUC’s W5228 Resolution approves in part and denies in part SJWC’s AL 548-W
  • CPUC rejected AL 534
  • CPUC rejected AL 532
  • CPUC issued an Order Instituting Investigation (OII) of the merger of SJWC with Connecticut Water. July 2018
  • A.17.04-001 ROE filing SJWC was approved at 8.3% instead of the 10.8% ROE requested by San Jose Water Company
  • CPUC investigates San Jose Water's billing practices (9/2018). Thanks to W Rates for leading charge in this effort
  • AL 512 ($11.47M recovery) was withdrawn by SJWC - no reason stated. This had been earlier suspended by CPUC
  • AL 510 was rejected
  • AL 501 (3.65%) was rejected by CPUC.
  • The drought mandate was effectively removed by the Santa Clara Valley Water district board (January 2017). San Jose Water had to remove the drought surcharges soon after.

With the growing population of Silicon Valley, availability of water has become a source of concern. Communities of Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Campbell and San Jose are experiencing significant angst due to the increasing water bills first created during the drought years (2013-2016) with surcharges (penalties) in place. Below are the mechanics of the push back against San Jose Water Company's rate increases that Rishi has led, collaborating with some of the other elected leaders. For the news coverage, click here.

Join the Water Oversight Committee

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  • Send Your Protest Emails to CPUC:
    • Option A: Download the app

      Send your Protest Emails in less than a minute. Push a button and protest.

      • Apple iOS Phones

        1. Go to App Store and Search for Silicon Valley Water
        2. Download and Open
        3. Fill the form with your info and hit “Click to send email"
        4. Review the email and send. The email is delivered to CPUC
      • Android Phones

        1. On your Android phone go to https://tinyurl.com/WaterApp1
        2. Download and Open
        3. Fill the form with your info and hit “Click to send email"
        4. Review the email and send …Your protest email is instantly delivered to CPUC
    • Option B: Follow the Google Doc. Copy, Paste and send your email

      Send your Protest Emails in 2 minutes

      1. CLICK ---> here <--and copy the contents
      2. Paste contents into your email, edit as needed

        NOTE: Please include specific information related to your bill in your letter. If you have problems with the email addresses, replace comma (at the end of the email address above) with a semicolon

Did You Receive an Unsolicited Mail Regarding Insurance Mailers By San Jose Water?

Email CPUC. Google Docs link is here.

Have you signed the petition?

Replace San Jose Water with a municipal utility company http://tinyurl.com/noMoreSJWC.

San Jose Water Profit Tracker Dashboard

  • SJWC INCOME INCREASE: FROM $17M in 2010 to $59.2M in 2017, i.e a whopping 248% increase in profits since 2010
  • Revenue increase (2010 to 2017): 91% INCREASE
  • Income (before Tax) increase (2010 to 2017): 220% INCREASE