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The Rishi v. Eshoo polling

We ran polling and the results are in.

  • It is time for Eshoo to pass the torch! Based on polling data from late August, Eshoo has dropped to just 35% support of voters in this two-person race. There are no Republicans on the November ballot - just Rishi Kumar and Anna Eshoo.
  • Eshoo’s drop in voter approval indicates a path to a significant upset this November and she has launched desperate smear campaigns against Rishi. We are smiling and dismayed at the same time: it is a sad anticlimax of Eshoo's 48 years of public service to attack an opponent in seeking to hold a seat that she has held for decades.
  • Eshoo's corruption is the distinction and the reason for Eshoo's plummeting approval: Eshoo's failures, executing Big Pharma’s will, and accepting $4.5M from Pharma lobbyists and gun systems manufacturers have come home to roost in this final stage of her career. Eshoo's deception is alarming to say the least - Eshoo has sponsored only four (trivial) bills, but deceptively claimed 50 bills - including bills that were never signed into law, and bills sponsored by others.

Anna Eshoo's plummeting support after 30 years

If voting percentages play out as in past trends, Rishi Kumar will win on November 8th, 2022.

Time for Eshoo to pass the torch!

Eshoo has dropped to just 35% support of voters in our district. For an incumbent who has been in office for 30 years, polling at 35% seventy five days prior to Election Day is a recipe for disaster.

Democrat Rishi Kumar is challenging the corruption of Anna Eshoo

Current polling shows her rapid decline. Eshoo has accepted $4 million from Pharma/Healthcare companies, Washington lobbyists and gun systems manufacturers - she’s bought and paid for by corporate interests. There are no Republicans in this race.

The current polling is a huge drop for Eshoo compared to her standard showing of over 70 percent. Her recent primary election percentage was a historical & horrific low (48%) and the 2nd worst amongst Democratic incumbents in California - attributable to Eshoo’s corruption and deference to dark money. Eshoo has claimed responsibility for 50 bills, but has only sponsored 4 into law, which is both concerning and deceitful. Eshoo’s numbers have slid downhill very fast.

Rishi Kumar is on track to become the first tech savvy congressional leader from Silicon Valley in Washington with his win in November! Rishi won 127,000 votes in the November 2020 general election - the highest votes for any Eshoo challenger in decades. His November target for victory is a total of 150,000 votes.

It is time to clear the way for Silicon Valley & America’s future. Rishi will fight for the people and will never sell out. Rishi has great momentum in this race!