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Rishi Kumar Leads Poll in Congressional Race


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Dec 5, 2023

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Saratoga, CA, December 5, 2023 - New polling for the open Anna Eshoo Congressional District 16 seat show a tight race led by Democrat Rishi Kumar, who received 42.3% of the votes in the same district a year ago in the November 2022 election against the incumbent who had been in Congressional office for three decades.

Kumar, a tech executive and Democrat, leads Joe Simitian and Sam Liccardo in a growing field of ten candidates.

Kumar topped the field with 12% of the vote, followed by Simitian at 10%, Liccardo at 7%, and Low at 6%. Nearly 57% of likely voters remain undecided.

Kumar highlights his unique position as the sole candidate in the race who isn't a career politician, who does not accept PAC money, developer money and special interest group money, emphasizing his record of achievements, including a significant reduction in crime in Saratoga during his time on the council. He has also served on Governor’s University of California Regent committee and California's Department of Education K-12 public school computer science implementation panel. Kumar served multiple elected terms as a Saratoga Councilmember - with the unique distinction of being reelected with the highest votes in 66 years of his city, as well as both a Delegate and Executive Board terms on the California Democratic Party.

Rishi Kumar’s platform includes a range of critical issues like reducing crime, tackling inflation, fighting for abortion rights, Congressional term limits, overturning Citizens United - a push for clean money in American politics, banning insider trading in Congress, addressing climate change, and boosting Silicon Valley's innovation economy, with a focus on the Artificial Intelligence automation economy that is coming.

The poll, conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs surveyed 633 registered voters in CD-16. Clarity is a nationally recognized leader in polling used by the DNC, DCCC, DGA, DSCC, and DAGA.

About Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar is a C-suite tech executive, not a career politician. As a tech leader in data integration and artificial intelligence, he understands our region’s innovation economy from the inside out. As a Saratoga city council member, Rishi was reelected with the highest vote count in the city’s 66-year history.

Five facts about this race:

  1. Rishi Kumar is the only candidate in this race who has already received 42.2% of this district’s votes (in the Nov. 2022 election), winning many cities and precincts against an incumbent who had been in office for decades.
  2. A December 2023 poll run by Clarity Labs (the same company used by DNC, DCCC, DGA, DSCC, and DAGA) shows Rishi leading the race. Why is he in front against career politicians with deep pockets? Rishi knows that money can’t buy trust or sway smart voters. He believes in grassroots politics centered on ideas that help people, not glitzy mailers and TV ads.
  3. Rishi is the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for the people and winning. He has reduced crime, rejected tax increases, and pushed back against many San Jose Water Company and PG&E rate increases, rejecting many of them. Rishi dropped burglaries by 50% in his city and was honored to be reelected with the highest vote in Saratoga's history. Rishi fights for the people, not powerful special interests!
  4. Rishi is the only effective accelerationism (e/acc) candidate in this race, with deep roots in the tech industry and an immersive understanding of Silicon Valley's innovation economy – qualities that are essential for a congressional representative from this region. Our economy has shifted, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence present us with an unknown future. More than ever, our congressional district needs informed, diligent, tech-savvy leadership.
  5. Rishi is the only candidate in this race who has taken a clean money pledge. His congressional campaign has already invested $1.4 million in community outreach, with every dime coming from individual donors, not special interest groups or PACs. Rishi has pledged always to reject money from PACs and special interest groups. His campaign emphasizes ethics in politics. Public service is actually pretty straightforward when you’re not for sale!

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