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Rishi's Success Reducing Burglaries

Crime has gone up in many Silicon Valley cities. We observe an uptick with residential break-ins, car break-ins/thefts, phishing, identity thefts etc. This has created uneasy minds and a sense of discomfort when we are parking our cars or when we head out on our vacations. See the adjacent burglary stat table.

As a councilmember of Saratoga, Rishi has worked hard to reduce crime in his community with a series of innovative measures. Rishi dropped burglaries by 41% from 2016 to 2017. This was the largest year to year drop in the history of Saratoga and the most significant drop compared to any other Silicon Valley city. As a result, Rishi was re-elected to the Saratoga City Council with the most votes in city history. Rishi will ensure that as your congressman, we drop burglaries in your city by replicating Saratoga’s approach and success.

Rishi is cognizant of racial profiling and absolutely does not support this in any shape or form as part of the neighborhood safety protocol and tips. We have put together a handy cheat sheet with the Top 25 Safety Tips how to keep your home safe, tailored to your city. Also, click here to check out Rishi’s modus operandi to reduce burglaries.

How to Stay Safe From Identity Theft and Other Financial Crimes

We have compiled a useful PDF for you containing everything you need to know to protect yourself. Download Identity Theft Tips

Download the Top 25 Safety Tips

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