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About Rishi

Rishi Kumar is a Democrat running for United States Congress from CA district 18.

He is an energetic proponent of data-driven solutions to deliver results “cheaper, faster, better,” and has pledged never to accept any PAC or Special Interest Group money.

A Silicon Valley hi-tech software executive by profession, Rishi found his calling as a community activist while advocating for his children’s school many years ago. As a Saratoga City council member, Rishi stood up against San Jose Water and succeeded in reversing, reducing, or rejecting seven rate increases for a million San Jose Water customers. He took on crime in Saratoga, holding over 100 meetings to mobilize neighborhood watch programs. Under his leadership, burglaries in Saratoga fell by 47%.

A major part of Rishi’s efforts have been in youth empowerment, from organizing hackathons and entrepreneurial boot camps for young students to providing online coding classes during the shelter-in-place. His internship program is providing valuable work experience for hundreds of high school and college students all over the country.

When the COVID crisis began, Rishi immediately suspended campaign activities to form the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT), which has called 86,000 seniors to offer help during the shelter-in-place. The NPPT has made and delivered over 4000 masks to Valley Medical Center and held over 25 online town hall meetings with experts to provide residents the latest in pandemic information, health and financial resources, and career and college advice.

Rishi is currently an executive board member and delegate of the California Democratic Party. He is a staunch supporter of Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, term limits, and removing Special Interest and PAC money from politics. He believes in inclusivity for all and stands with the black community against police brutality. Rishi lives in Saratoga with his wife Seema, a networking industry professional, and their two sons. Rishi on Capitol Hill

In 2014, Rishi was elected as a Saratoga city councilmember.
Under Rishi's leadership, the city was able to reduce crime leading to a 47% drop in burglaries.
He took on the challenge of rising water rates to reject, reduce, and suspend many rate increases.
As a result, Rishi was elected to a second term in 2018 and received the most votes in Saratoga's 60-year electoral history.
In 2013, Rishi was first elected as Exec. Board member of the California Democratic Party (AD28) and is currently serving his 3rd term.
During a pandemic, Rishi Kumar stopped the campaign and launched the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team. Hundreds of volunteers helped thousands of Silicon Valley neighbors. NPPT team called 86,000 seniors offering helping with groceries and medications.

Hi-tech Executive at a Silicon Valley Big Data, Analytics Software Company
Former IBMer

Executive Board member /Delegate (AD28) CA Democratic Party

Member, California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel

Implementing a computer science K-12 curriculum to go live in 2022

M.S Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut

“A Community Activist who empowers youth with STEM”

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